Finally something new in the headline. Delta was getting boring anyway.

Will we actually notice this one, this time?

A whopping two people will be affected by this variant, than the last variant. Yes, you will notice this one and you shall cower in fear; begging to be gigavax’d; bragging that you own nothing and are happy about it.


Vaccinated sheep will start to die after getting the regular flu in October/November/December, when their immune systems start to fight against it.

Damn I better get the jab real fast! It might not help with Delta. It might not help with sigma. It might not help with theta, but it surely helps with this new, totally real, super dooper, extra deadly, turbo, mutant virus.

It’s the DFF variant. You might think that stands for “Delta Fi Fi” variant, but it actually stands for, “Dick-Faced-Fauci” variant.

Uh oh. We, the unvaxxed will be blamed.