People keep asking me why I haven’t written about Chris Chan having sex with his mother and getting arrested for it.

Chris Chan is a degenerate and everything else, and I don’t really doubt he had sex with his own mother repeatedly.

However, he is also fully mentally ill, and he should have been locked up over a decade ago in a padded room where he could draw his Sonic the Hedgehog pictures without hurting himself or others.

Chris Chan having sex with his mother does not reflect on Chris Chan. Everyone knew he was insane, and something surpassing the ultimate levels of grotesquery was bound to happen eventually.

This is society’s fault. It is the fault of a society that is dominated by women and feminine values.

It is not the fault of the internet, not the fault of Kiwi Farms, and it is most of all not the fault of Chris Chan.

It is the fault of the government, the media, and the people who support the government and the media that push Feminine values and idiocy.

Above all, I blame the Jews and their psychiatrists, who have pushed the same Feminized bullshit that will be found to be at the very root of this scandal when the truth is ultimately revealed. (Psychology, psychiatry and all major sciences have been infiltrated and destroyed by women and Feminine values).

(If at this point, you believe that I am just piling on women, then you’re a retard who has absolutely no clue. Particularly, you are clueless as to how damaged society and the world at large are, due to women and The Feminine).

For those who don’t know about Chris Chan, let me just say: this is more complicated than “a tranny having sex with his elderly mother.” This is the culmination of a sad, sorry story about how women have destroyed the home and family, family values and most importantly, little boys.

This calamity began when the government (via feminized men who believed women were intelligent and capable of autonomy)(the same shit continues today), gave women the right to vote. This watershed moment saw women fully participating in public life (something that is totally unusual and unnatural for all of human existence) and the first real effects of the destruction started in the workplace. The media (Jews) did the heavy lifting.

When “women in the workplace” (which is Marxist Feminist propaganda of “Put-Women-To-Work-ism) was normalized into the zeitgeist and psychology of society then came, again, another incident of government (and media) interventionism via hostile, misandric divorce courts. Not only were men displaced from the workplace, but they were alienated from their own homes.

This gave way to a massive rise in divorces and single-mother parented homes and the trend continues today. Women opted for broken homes and broken families and a paycheck, which they still do and still regard as being “a strong independent woman” and as “freedom”, in exchange for gibs, handouts and proxy violence via the state.


Thus, we have what we have as a “society”, today — a depraved and nightmarish polar opposite of what we once had, before women got involved.

Many, of all walks of life, will talk about this and that and the other, but they will never discuss how destructive women are! Never!

I’m talking to you, Adam Green, Albert Bishai, Jared Taylor, David Duke, Mark Collett, Styxx, Ethan Ralph, An0maly, Max Igan.

People want to pile on onto a lunatic Sonic the Hedgehog fanatic as a way to feel superior in a society where they know they are one bad day away from ending up on the front of every news website for committing some awful crime that they don’t remember committing and feebly trying to blame it on the dimensional shift as they get hauled away.

It would never occur to them to ask the whereabouts of Chris Chan’s father, because a single-mother parented home and spousified male, is quite normal to them. Even if he had a father, do you think the father would stand a chance with a loudmouth cunt who is backed by the state? You think he would be able to have a say and be instrumental in his son’s life? How influential could he be in such a hellish society that marginalizes the importance and role of a father? What chance did Chris have, after all?

This is what FEMININITY looks like, and it has only just begun.

Most men are not immune and because of this, we’re all doomed.

The only thing that can clean up this filth is fire.