It’s pretty funny how 99% of all the “new cases” and ‘rona deaths are now those who are vaxxed

Bye bye vaxtards.

HA HA HA HA HA HA ad infinitum.

Fake and gay. Your bullshit doesn’t work on us, Shlomo.

Remember what I’ve told you readers: majority of people in the world are stupid and are failing this IQ test. It isn’t that we here are crazy, but it is rather the fact that we are outnumbered by stupid people, hence stupidity gets to flourish.

Aside from this, should we feel bad that the injected are croaking? I mean, I feel bad for the kids that had no choice in the matter, but I can’t for stupid people.

For far too long, evolution has favored the stupid and irresponsible. The dysegenics we have all been subjected to, has left me with no care or concern for these vaxtards dropping.

You think I feel bad? After all their bitching?

Not my problem.

In Massachusetts, there’s a 1 million dollar lottery you can enter, if you show proof of vaccination. Yes, really!

The genocide of 2/3rds of the earth’s population is worth the price of vindicating me and not having to deal with heavy traffic.

We shall inherit the earth and pull the elites responsible for this, out of their bunkers, one by one.

Oh god, my sides hurt.

I’m very disappointed to see Duterte go full vaxxtard. I expected better.

I guess he was hunting down drug dealers this whole time, because he didn’t want big pharma to have any competition? What a huge faggot. I should snort a line of coke just to spite him.