Andrew Cuomo, known often as “Nipples” due to his inexplicably pierced nipples, is continuing to hold the line as the world comes down on him.

This headline from a paper that is unknown outside of Arizona is making the rounds at the top of news feeds, and seems to generally sum up the current mood:

If they’re calling you Donald Trump, you’ve lost, and it’s just time to give up.

But Cuomo is not giving up. He is digging in, and telling the entire media and Democrat political establishment to “come at me, bro.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a fellow weird wop, is taking him up on the challenge.

De Blasio blasted Big Man Andy as a “narcissist,” and told him to “get the hell out.”

De Blasio has been doing these attacks long before the release of the AG report which claimed to have found that Cuomo molested 11 women. Frankly, it’s clear at this point that de Blasio is serving as someone’s attack dog. I don’t know how the hell this weird man ever became the governor, but he’s definitely not going to hold any office that high ever again, so he doesn’t really have anything to lose.

“It’s hurting the people in New York state and New York City — there’s no question,” de Blasio said Thursday. “You know, a guy who spends 11 hours having to testify about his sexual harassment and assaults is not a guy who’s focusing on just fighting COVID or getting us federal aid or getting rent relief money to people who need it.”

Obviously, the claim there is that the accusation is itself guilt, despite the fact that Andy has been convicted of no crimes, and isn’t really even being accused of real crimes.

I’m sure Cuomo is sexually aggressive, as all 60-year-old men with pierced nipples are wont to be, but I can’t really imagine that he ever hunted down any innocent slut and forcibly fondled her. One thing everyone should understand about sexually aggressive men is that they have an uncanny and almost preternatural ability to identify women who are interested in a man getting sexually aggressive with them (which was most women up until maybe 2013). In addition, they are the ones who avidly defend women at every whim; they are themselves feminists and lack masculinity. Nipple piercings?

Of course, in current year, rounding up 11 women who will accuse a prominent man of inappropriate touching is about as difficult as rounding up 11 homosexuals to inappropriately touch children in a nursery on tranny story day.

So, what is this all actually about?

Man, I don’t know.

If I had to guess, I would say that:

A lot of people genuinely do not like Andrew Cuomo, because he really is just as much of an asshole as he appears to be, and now the great masses of those he’s offended over the past 40 years are coming home to roost, and…

People in New York virus hoax circles recognize that Cuomo played a huge role in the first round of the hoax, burning his own credibility by demanding all of these emergency measures from Donald Trump only to not use any of them, while also shoving anyone who tested positive for the virus into an old folks’ home…

But, more than high level people wanting him out, it is likely that there is just no high level person who wants him in. The entire press hates him as badly as all of his current and former employees, so there is simply no one to defend him. Joe Biden is out there demanding he resign just because the White House has decided to take the popular side in a fight they don’t have a dog in.

It’s a lesson to all of us.

If you care a lot about people liking you, then you always want people to like you. If you are a loathed figure, when the tough times come, you will pay the price for that. It is a sick, weird game society plays on all of us.

In general, I advise people to live life on their terms and I truly mean, their terms. However, if you want people to like you, you have to live your life being “friendly”, polite and generally easy to get along with. You must adopt The Feminine — you must “be nice”. That means, you can never challenge anyone or anything that you feel to be inappropriate and ridiculous. You are then obligated to “help people out” when they ask for help.

Of course, within this mind fuck, you don’t want to be a sucker, even though inevitably you will become one.

Don’t help people who are ungrateful, or who will just take the opportunity of your kindness to abuse you and rip you off, or get you sucked into some nauseating nightmare situation they’ve created. Nonetheless, within this gynotopia whose lifeblood is The Feminine and its “niceness” doctrine, these nightmare situations are inevitable, because nothing about it is rational or sustainable.

What I’ve found is, if you care about people liking you, you must, yourself, play a weird, torture-ritualistic game of running a popularity contest, like a high school girl. The best way to accomplish this, is to always help people, even when it is an inconvenience, especially when the stakes are low.

In other words, you must become a tool. People do not like people who can’t do, or refuse to do anything for them or are of no use to them. In essence, you become the asshole when you say, “no” to people. This is the hallmark of “being nice” — to eradicate the 50% chance of “no” within the 50/50 chance between, “yes” and “no”, so that it is always 100%, “yes”. The Feminine believes, that if it behaves a certain way, it’ll always get what it wants, regardless of other factors.

Andrew Cuomo told someone, “No”.

If the stakes are high, and serious money or the potential for some crisis is on the line, pay for lunch and then politely refuse to get involved, citing existing obligations.

Of the requests you will get from people in your life, 99% of them will be low stakes. That is to say, in the example of being an employer, you will have 99 people say “hey man, is it cool if I take off at noon on Friday, I’ve got a family thing” for every 1 who says “boss, can I get a loan for $10,000?” If you find out later that the guy who asked for the day off didn’t really have a family thing, and was instead flying to Canada to meet people in a sickening sex club, you haven’t really lost anything, or so many people will themselves to believe. What it really means is, that person did not respect you to begin with and saw you as a fool which he or she could get over on.

A policy of simply helping people out when the stakes are low will lead to a 99% approval rating, however.

Most of the people who are now rushing to throw Andrew Cuomo under the bus are people who he very easily could have won over by simply “not being an asshole” (gyno-speak for not giving them their way). If he would have smiled more, and not tried to humiliate his employees, and bought them a nice lunch once a week, he’d have an army of people willing to defend him.

Instead, he has an army of people who are saying, “yeah he probably didn’t do any of that stuff he’s accused of, but whatever, that guy is a dick and I’m happy to see him buried.”

All because he didn’t do anything for them personally, as if he was obligated to.