What you just saw in the last video where the cunt opened her shit hole, is exactly what occurs in the home, in the workplace and in wider society.

This is how little Timmy grows up to Tammy, because “he’s just expressing himself” and the cunt mother cosigns his instability, because “be nice”.

Side note: Women cannot raise boys to be men. It is totally impossible. They can only turn little boys into girls, because they have absolutely no clue what it is to be male or Masculine, because they’ve never been male even for a pico second. The impossibility for women to raise boys is a fact that can be seen in the anatomies of little boys who are around their mothers constantly with no male/testosterone influence.

Women will sanction and side with degeneracy, always!

They are natural, born traitors and are always the weakest link.

It is because of women we have retards walking among us. It is women who are the pallbearers of the insanity that is the Trans and faggot onslaught. “Be nice”.

It is when real men stand against the degeneracy, that you see cunts come out in numbers to push their stupid “be nice” bullshit, because they do not comprehend a fucking thing about life and how the world works.

They can’t comprehend that once you put certain things out in society, these things stand the chance of becoming normalized and woven into the fabric of said society, thus destroying it. You don’t want certain things to become normalized, you dumb cunts.

This is no different to explaining to a woman: “Hey. If you do A you get Z. If you do C, you get G. You want Z, not G”.

You’ll explain this till you’re blue in the face and what will the stupid cunt do? She’ll do exactly the opposite.

This is what’s going on on a much larger societal scale, unfortunately, because some mangina genius thought it was a good idea to let these retarded cunts have control of our societies.

Look at this filth.

Look at that monstrosity.


Then, we have the faggot, mangina, low self esteem, spousified, parentified, raised by single-mother, pussy-begging lapdog men, who cosign and perpetuate the feminine bullshit.

Give women a chance, as was seen when the initial lockdowns began, last year, they will naturally gravitate towards prostitution and debauchery.

All of this is so sickening.

This is why men need to start beating them.

Women should never be allowed to decide the fate and direction of the family, far less, a nation.

This is the prime minister of Finland.

A dumb cunt with soulless eyes. She looks like she likes to pee on people.

Any woman with these aspirations has something mentally wrong with her, albeit, just being a woman alone is a mental condition.

Everything is vanity for women. I mean, literally everything!

The whole, I’m a woman, I’m dainty and perfect and infallible, bullshit is vanity!

Good bye Finland.

It is high time women were beaten back into the kitchen. Men need to make a final stand against these hellish cunts in order to save humanity.

Yet, no one hears me.