This vindicates everything the Specular Effect has been saying, all along.

The number 6 million comes up, too. These fucking rats.

Nonetheless, this Jewish doctor is laying it all out for the Rabbis, because they seem to be concerned about the dangers of the death jab. They appear to be worried about how it will affect the Jewish people.

Inevitably, they will resist and turn this narrative to be about someone trying to genocide them. This is false, because the virus hoax and the doom vax all come from them!

So, this interview with the Jewish doctor, Dr. Zalensky, is a cryptic panel, purposed towards absorbing the narrative in order for Israel to appear to be concerned about the vax, just like the goyim is.

Think of it as them speaking in coded language like this: I come to you to discuss what the goyim is concerned and talking about and I discuss it with you as if we ourselves, share the same concerns. We do not, but in this exchange, we are trying to absolve ourselves from any complicity. Blatant or perceived.

This has been their tactic for thousands of years.

Wake up, goyim!