Our cross purposes here is that I don’t consider most Americans to be white. Or, at least, a very degenerated, misshapen, stupid degeneration of the white race. I hate being around them. I hate their accents, I hate their weird bodies (they do have weird bodies. When I got off the plane from the Netherlands back to the US I could tell I was in America by all the potato shaped people you just didn’t see in Europe).

White Americans are literally an inferior race, that had their ethnogenesis (I don’t know where/when) see a sharp decline.

I don’t consider most of us white; we’re mostly fat, and drug addled, and uneducated, and uncultured. There’s a handful of decent white Americans, like me, maybe you, who hate this place, who are well traveled and educated and see what a monster America is, and Americans are.

Go to a Trump rally and tell me if any of those babbling, incoherent rednecks are worth a damn to an actual Aryan civilization. It’s another third world continent that ought to be starved like Africa. An ugly place, full of ugly people, spreading their ugly way of life to everyone else.