Many have asked over the past few months, my opinion on what is actually taking place around the world, with the plandemic hoax. I did indicate that I have my suspicions and opinions, but withheld them. That is, until I had sufficient evidence to support my claims; until now.

Throughout many articles, the Specular Effect team has indeed mentioned things here and there, indicating that all of what’s going on is indeed a Jewish, Zionist, Bolshevik, Communist takeover.

You’re reading the number one source in honesty, so I’ll get straight to the point.

Israel is making a mad dash towards becoming the next world superpower!

This means displacing the US as the current world super power.

In addition, it also means worldwide Communism (Judaism). The Great Reset.

That’s it. Nothing more. However, what it takes to get there, what will ensue as a result of Jewish Zionist aspirations and the major players involved (Russia<Israel>China), are of utmost importance and we must comprehend what is going on and what is to come.


In 2013, at the 20th anniversary of the founding Green Cross International, former Soviet president, Mikhail Gorbachev, claimed that “environmental degradation threatens the planet”.

He also said,

Now, listen closely to what prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau says here (timestamp 2:04):

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is pushing the same objective that former Soviet president, Mikhail Gorbachev is pushing. In other words, he is doing exactly what the KGB wants.

A lot of people have been discussing Trudeau’s “Great Reset” speech, but they don’t realize that Russia has had this Great Reset plan since at least 2013.

You guys may remember when the WEF (World Economic Forum) said that the US won’t be the world’s leading superpower in the future.

Well, the Communists are going to accomplish that, by reorienting the US and Canada’s economies towards “climate change”/”sustainable environment”. This means, that the US’ and Canada’s oil and gas industries will be abandoned, resulting in weakened economies.

Some of us might dislike Trump for his betrayal and for the fact that he was an operative in the Jewish/Israeli “prophecy fulfillment” (making Jerusalem the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy there), but he was right when he said the Paris Climate Accord was designed to cripple the American economy.

It is common knowledge in the intelligence community, that many of the environmental groups that are lobbying western politicians, are funded by Russian intelligence.

These environmental groups want the US and Canada to abandon some of their top exports in the name of, “saving the planet”.

Were any of you to purchase a new device, say, a new Samsung or Apple phone or tablet, there is a high chance, these devices won’t come with a charger. This is all to, “save the planet”. The global Communist ideology has far reaches.

All of this results in more trade for Russia.

For years, Putin has been using his oligarchs to funnel money to left wing politicians in the west, in order to weaken their oil and gas industries.

Russia — Putin — has spent $95Mn on spreading propaganda on the US, in the US!

There’s more!

Hydraulic Fracking. That’s the reason the USA has so much oil and gas.

While RT, Soviet Russia’s (it is still alive and never went away. Don’t fool yourself.) state-owned media demonized the US for fracking, they ignore and perhaps, hid the fact that its own country engages in hydraulic fracking.

Thanks to this, they have so much oil and gas.

Gazprom Neft, one of the top gas companies in the world is controlled by the Russian government, which holds more than 50% of outstanding shares in the company. Yet, the Russian government still pushes the anti-US-fracking propaganda. All of this is tied to the “Climate Change” and global warming hoax.

As a matter of fact, the US Director of National Intelligence has this to say:

Guess what? Most of the west fell for it, like they have fallen for the covid hoax and they will fall for the Great Reset, too. Trump stymied their efforts with the “climate change” push, which was their plan A to jumpstart their Great Reset plan, so they resorted to plan B – a plandemic hoax. Both tactics are designed and intended to totally cripple the west and nations America has direct control over. This includes African nations that have since gone rogue on the virus hoax and have seen several of their leaders assassinated.

So, Gorbachev founded the Green Cross International in 1993. He’s a former Russian leader who tells Western countries that they should make moves against their own interests — abandon their oil and gas industries in an attempt to “save the planet”. Meanwhile, he’s not advocating any of this for Russia.

You see, the whole Green New Deal, that useful idiots like AOC tout, is nothing more than old Soviet Russian Communist propaganda. None of this is attainable and the architects behind these tactics know this, but Americans are too dumb and feminized, so much that feminine tactics such as “save the planet”, works on them and it works quite well.

While we over here in the US move from oil and gas, to some pie in the sky green energy bullshit, Russia<Israel>China, will in no doubt come to dominate the energy market. We will be left looking around like dumb bitches, “the morning after”.

If anyone of us were to advocate for climate change policies in Russia, we would be arrested for trying to weaken their economy!

A lot of people who watch alt-media online are manipulated into believing that a mysterious group of globalists are behind climate change.


Climate change has always been a Russian scam!

Gorbachev was obviously working with the KGB and he led the “Perestroika Reforms”.

Yet, this wasn’t a restructuring of the Soviet Union. This was also a restructuring of western countries by way of subversion, so that Russia would end up on top, in the future.

Stalin used the word “perestroika” and in Stalin’s vocabulary it meant, “re-shoeing of a horse”. The West misunderstood perestroika to mean to reform the Communist movement, but it’s a deception…

This Great Reset is basically Perestroika — a restructuring of all nations to a New World Order, where the USA is no longer at the top and it is replaced by Russia and China, for the time being.

I do have credible reason to suspect, however, that both Russia and China are indeed pawns, or at least, protectorate states of Israel.

Not only does the WEF push this economic objective, but Putin’s former advisor, Aleksandr Dugin (Jewish Zionist), pushes this as well, which he calls, “The Rise of MultiPolar World”.

In America, today, there are many Duginites among us. At our jobs, universities, they are found in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices, the local police departments and so on. Just as how there are secret operatives and glow niggers walking among us. They are and could be your neighbors; watching you and informing. Your local post office, for sure!

(Strangely enough, Nick Fuentes of America First, used some rhetoric and made some suggestions straight out of Dugin’s playbook, last week.

Nick Fuentes says, China and Russia will save us. Yes, the Jews in Russia and the Chinese who make deals with Israel, constantly, will save us from the Marxist Zionist Jews in the west. Either he’s just retarded or subversive. I think the latter).

The parallels are striking!


Henry Kissinger (Jewish Zionist) was accused by a British double agent of working for Soviet Military intelligence.

In 1984, Anatoly Golitsyn wrote:

Communist China is not a strategic partner, but a concealed strategic enemy of the United States.

China will join the Soviet offensive to bring about ‘restructuring’ in the United States and Worldwide.

On April 3rd, 2020, kissinger wrote an op-ed in the WSJ:

The problem is, he’s on video discussing “altering the world” in 2017, three years before the Covid-19 hoax broke out.

Disgusting, traitorous Jew!

…shifting the world verve of gravity from the Atlantic (America) to the Pacific (China).

Not only did Kissinger, back then, talk about “shifting the world verve of gravity from the Atlantic (America) to the Pacific (China)”, but Dugin also pushes that objective. Why? Because they’re both Russian intelligence agents, primarily.

The Conference from Atlantic to Pacific for a common destiny of the peoples of Eurasia.

The 4th Political Theory is the fulfillment of global Communism, where Russia and China overtake the USA, via brokering and machinations of Israel and Russian Jews.

Where does Israel fit into all of this?

China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy, announced by Chinese president, Xi Jinping at the end of 2013, aims to create infrastructure links and commercial routes between China and the Middle East, Europe, and Africa via an overland belt and maritime “road”. Within this framework, China perceives Israel as an excellent trade hub.

This new infrastructure will enable Israel to provide China with direct access to European, African, and Middle Eastern markets. We expect Israel’s and China’s partnership in all areas of infrastructure – ports, roads, cargo, railways – to continue to advance over the next fifty years. This partnership will play a vital role in improving Israel’s geopolitical stability and securing China’s commercial trade routes between the Far East, Europe and Africa.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative will also allow China to overtake the USA as the world’s leading economy. China needs Israel to secure China’s commercial trade routes between the Far East, Europe and Africa.

It is a great deception and seeks to impose Jewish imperialism on the entire globe via Israel being the middleman. As it was always done in ancient times. According to Jewish “prophecy” this will strengthen Israel to an unrecognizable degree, where Noahide laws will be superimposed on Gentiles.

Anyone who is not living under a rock, knows that Israel is not loyal to America and not a true ally. Look at what they did to Trump. They got him to do everything they wanted, then they dumped him at the side of the road, like a cheap hooker.

The same will be done to both China and Russia.

After America collapses, Israel will step up to take its place among China and Russia. Then, will the Jewish nightmare really begin.

As for the plandemic and vaxx, a more sustainable future for the planet means less of a human carbon footprint. This means, less humans. Depopulation.

Most of you already know and suspect this; well, unfortunately, you are right.

Many are purposed to die in order for the global Communist to be fulfilled.

The Great Reset is here!