In this video, the well known liberal influencer, Michael “Faggaport” Rappaport, announces that he is now sick of the vaccine, which left the abrasive New Yorker looking drawn out and haggard in his previous appearance.

It was clearly apparent that the comic was not a well man, as he struggled to come to terms with Anthony Fauci’s statement that the vaccine doesn’t work, and caused jabbers to become “superspreaders”.

We at Harvard University applaud his sudden turn towards truth, and endorse his new “Vaxxed Antivaxxer Movement”.

Better late than never, Michael, and godspeed with the ADE. We’re pulling for you. This was never political.


Just kidding!

Fuck him!

After all this shit this guy has talked about; I mean everything! He shilled so hard for this vaxx and we must say “godspeed” and that we’re “pulling for him”? Fuck him. This guy hates us and wants us dead.

Fuck all these liberal trash. May ADE (Antibody-dependent Enhancement) and many other auto immune problems and blood clots kill them all. Time for the culling to start. It’s all eugenic.

I mean, now may be a good time to start discussing FEMA camps, to isolate the vaxtards, no? Force them to wear space suits before coming to businesses and work? Make a national database? They were all openly ready to do that to us, right?

Nah, I’m just kidding. I’ll settle for all of the retards simply dying off.

This asshole did a previous video, right before he took the vaxx, about how this is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”, then he did a video a couple of days later right after he got the vaxx crying about fauci calling vaxxers “super spreaders” and the difference in how he looks is shocking. Well it is! He looks and sounds so old and unhealthy in the second video.

You can watch the video below.

That necklace. Cringe!!!

I hope someone just strings all his vax videos together, so we can meme the fuck out of his transition and decline.

Click me!

God, I hope he gets his booster shot.