Remember, this is all going down, by sundown, clown even though the vax kills people and does not stop anyone from dying from the ‘Vid.

The Skeksis said so, itself!

All of this worries me.

Are you worried?

I’m worried.

They’re going to be force-vaxxing everybody, left and right. They’re just going to shoot needles into the air like Peloponnesian archers and get all of us.

I’m wondering though; imagine what’s going to happen when they try to vax hood niggers by force. These ‘boons literally shoot at firetrucks and ambulances. Sorry, “ambalams”.

What’s going to happen when they start knocking on doors in the projex n sheeeit and telling niggers that they have to comply, or else?



At least we can still get some entertainment.

Come on. Lighten up.

Okay fine.


There may be Compensation law suits, coming out of all of this, despite the no liability clauses… not from sueing, but it may come to that point…30, 50 years down the road…when they host the remembrance special on PBS or CNN.

Ok. I’ll stop kidding around.

On a serious note, what if you can prove natural immunity? That is the same as getting vaxxed, if you look at it from a basic immunity standpoint, right?

Ok that was the last joke.

Seriously, though: 80 year old director of the universe, 80 year old president. 80 year old SoH, politicians over 60; these people are afraid of ol’ Father Time.

These are the people who are the face of this jab campaign. They are afraid of Father Time and Mother Nature. They don’t care if you are poor. They don’t care if you are unhomed with your children. They don’t care if you are hungry. They don’t care if you are a junkie. They don’t care if you have no medical care. They don’t care if you are mentally ill.

They don’t care if you die face down in the sand on foreign soil while killing as many desert people as you possibly can. They don’t care if you have a decent road or a safe bridge, but they do care if you are a potential health threat to their waning existence. So, they will do everything to preserve themselves, including taking your liberty.

With age comes the air of propriety and a kind of parental nature that makes them ideal propagandists.

Yeah, the vax lunacy is driven primarily by boomers who are dumb, selfish and scared of dying. They think they are going to hell and have to answer to god for the destruction of their children and grandchildren’s futures and they are terrified of the judgement. They are okay with trading lives of young people for a chance at a few more years. Big Pharma is more than happy to capitalize on this well deserved fear.

I’m just saying, folks.

Put those ponderings aside; Jews need a real holocaust to fulfill their gay, manufactured prophecies to welcome the advent of their Moshiac.

That last part is factual, but it’s better to see it as a giant boomer tantrum.