Police in France detained a woman for carrying a sign which, schizophrenic Jews deemed antisemitic, at a demonstration against COVID-19 emergency measures.

Cassandre Fristot, an activist for the Far-Right National Rally party, held up a brown cardboard poster at the rally Saturday in Metz, condemning President Emmanuel Macron and several well-known Jewish people as “traitors.”

Fristot, who lost her 2012 bid for a local council on the National Rally ticket, is suspected of inciting hatred of Jews, Le Monde reported Monday.

The poster also featured the question “but who?”, or as some of you netizens know, “qui?”. It listed as traitors several politicians and businesspeople who are Jewish or have Jewish roots, including former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, former Health Minister Agnès Buzyn, government spokesperson Gabriel Attal, George Soros and philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy.

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