I don’t really need to delve into what it is you’ve just watched, neither explain it, but this is how clown world — the gynotopia — works.

Get enough women to lie and say he did “this” to them, without any proof or evidence, and a man’s life — his career— is destroyed, overnight.

Yet, as I’ve said before, men like Cuomo, I can’t feel sorry for, because they are the same pussy-begging, lapdog, mangina men, who defend women and maintain the feminine status quo.

So, fuck him.

Good riddance.

We all know that Cuomo touching females inappropriately isn’t the real reason why he was forced out of office. Groping and rape is part of these people’s lives and women lie all the time!

There is another reason. What if that reason is that, they metoo’d Cuomo, because he called out the orthodox community for ignoring covid restrictions.

Hochul is a champion of the Jewish community and this article expounds on it.

These are all distractions and just how business is done in JewSA.

He cracked down on the wrong tribe.