Well lads, they’ve finally gone and officially done it. Vaccine passports will be a thing in Quebec, starting September 1st. You won’t be able to enter restaurants, bars, gyms and multiple public events without showing proof of vaccination.

I hope you guys have stocked up, for this coming cold and dreadful winter.

Or, some of you are saying to yourselves, “I’ll just take the vaccine”. I know cunts are saying it, because they are so addicted and so need their hedonism and need to satiate their need to put themselves on display.

(I’ve witnessed, women wearing the shortest and skimpiest of clothing, in below zero weather, all to show their asses and get attention. They’ll be first to get the vax, because they are fucking dumb and can’t wait to get back to attention whoring).

An overwhelming majority of the population supports the measure.

All of this, if you haven’t realized, is fucking disgusting. I despise people, especially those who support this measure, with every fiber of my being.

It is all coming to a shit hole, near you.