Everything has a solution, Jew!

Palestinian tactics are easy and affordable, too. Just make a rock-thrower and aim at the spinning propellers.

But I’ll settle for an EMP gun. RF takes them out, too. You may have to build your own. They used to be sold on dreammarket, in preparedness for Israeli tyranny.

Life be damned if these Jews get their way with us goy.

Just like helicopters, thier weakness is WIRES. Get a fishing rod, saltwater trolling are heavy duty and very long. Put some weights on the end, and cast for sky fish!

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, they will use this in their own people. Why? Because, all Jews are chosen, but some are more chosen than others.

After they’re done testing it out over there, we’ll be next. Guaranteed!

The song I’m thinking about right now! Enjoy it. Just fucking enjoy it!