What the FUCK? What in the actual fuck?

Why the FUCK am I watching this shit?

I don’t get it. I mean, I do get it, but hear me out. Let me vent a bit. It’s just hours and hours and hours of being told how fucked everything is, and how, “Those DemonRats Cheated”. I get it, I’ve gotten it, it’s crystal clear.

We know all of this already. We discussed it ad nauseum, right here on the Specular Effect, with blow by blow coverage.

Dr. Shiva (whom I admire greatly) was ranting and ranting about how Twitter and social media cheated him and they did the same to Trump. This is all so fucking retarded. It’s all so tiresome and I’ll tell you why.

First off, they’re not accomplishing anything. It’s just fucking demoralization porn. If this is all they have, then we’re just fucked. Again, it is all feminine bullshit.

How the hell can anyone keep watching the same demoralization over and over for 3 days straight? It is no different to a nagging cunt, nagging in your head at 4am in the morning, constantly.

Secondly, Trump is gone and not coming back, no matter what the Qtards and Trumpanzees tell you. These are just retarded boomers with their weird, kooky beliefs, selling copium about how “God has a plan for Trump”. These people are the definition of cerebral insufficient.

They think Trump and Putin (of all fucking people) are going to rescue the west. This is a level of retardation that can only be eliminated by wishing all boomers die, tomorrow, because they’re really this stupid.

Putin is “former” KGB, which means he’s still KGB, because the KGB never went away, neither did the Soviet Union (they just became the FSB), but these dumb boomers like the “My pillow faggot”, Mike Lindell and all the other retards, will tell you to “Trust the plan”; Putin is an ally, the Cold War is over and Russia is no longer communist. Oh my fucking God, they’re stupid.

Read Anatoliy Golitsyn and Yuri Bezmenov and you’ll understand the depth of the delusion at play here with these boomers. Useful idiots and morons.

This “Symposium” is part of Operation Trust; as in “Trust the Plan”, which is purposed towards placating the stupid masses into inaction, as we’ve discussed many times. Have these boomertards thinking that someone and something higher than them has their best interest at heart, so they won’t have to act or do anything. It is using the feminine, once again – HOPE.

These people are literally NPCs and will still get the jab. Most of them are on borrowed time, because they already got injected, because Trump told them to.

All of this is going to result in naught, or at worst, law suits and more people getting doxxed and arrested.

If you guys are interested in this shit for whatever reasons, here are links to the Boomertard tripe:


Have fun with that nonsense. Qanonsense, which is literally funded by the Kremlin.

Mike Lindell, is a boomer disinformation shill and plant.

I’m telling you guys, right now. It may not be clear to you guys, but it is to me, because I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to recognizing and noticing certain patterned behaviors with these people, so much, that I can tell you to trust me. However, I won’t say that. I’ll never tell you to trust me; I’ll tell you to go do the research your damn self and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Don’t trust me. Don’t trust a fucking person. I’m just some random guy with a team on the internet. I couldn’t give a fuck if you do or don’t. What I care about is that you’re curious enough to go do the damn research yourself. Guess what? It doesn’t take much, because most of these people are very open about what they do. The problem is, most people are very dumb and don’t read!

They rather watch slides and hold a “Symposium”, because they’re fucking retarded. It has to have been a long day, dude and approximately 50 slides is a lot. However, all this amounts to the feminine emotional highs and cries of “woo hoo”, “look at how many people”. It is retardation on a cosmic level.

How many normies did you convince today?

Someone, please make it stop. Please put them out of their misery. No more. Please!!