Oh how nice. Watch them then, twist this into, “if you dont take the jab you are a felon for interfering with interstate commerce”

How on earth are they going to enforce this? Are we going to have to put a vax sticker on our windshields? This impossible to enforce without large scale violence and I suspect this to be exactly what they want.

This would require roadblocks at every road on any state border. What a silly thing to threaten. It would be near possible to enforce. It would be possible for airports, though.

Curse my low social credit score!

Remember, the vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission.

Get ready for total surveillance in the name of “contact tracing”.

It’s for your own good!

Still, what’s the goal with the vaccines ? Are these insane fucks going stop pushing it once 70% of the population is jabbed? 80%? Are we going to achieve herd immunity and go “back to normal” by then? Where’s the goalpost nowadays?

Amercians will tolerate this like they do everything else. They’ll even thank them for it. This is why they’re pulling back the zogbots from Afghanistan; in preparation.

Zhou Baideng does it again.

We, The People accept this declaration of war and will act accordingly.