This weekend saw the fall of the ZOG matriarchal, anal occupation in Afghanistan.

The whole thing was more or less completely bloodless. The “Afghan Government,” which were US-trained anal shills, universally laid down their weapons as them bois rolled across the country and took the capital.

The weekend in America, a very standard weekend in America, appears to have had more shooting deaths than Afghanistan in the middle of a revolution ending a 20 year occupation.

ABC News:

The Jewish media prints these stories in order to demand gun control. They do so, because they know it will get the emotional attention and support of women, who are incredibly fucking stupid.

I would hate to ever be accused of putting too fine a point on it, but there is no gun control in Afghanistan.

They were able to march on the capital city and overthrow the government without bloodshed. Clearly, if they can do that, there isn’t going to be a lot of violence in the country now that the Taliban is in control.

So, the question then becomes: what is going on in America, that so many people are getting shot all the time?

More importantly: will gun control solve whatever that problem is?

Neither of those questions are being asked by the Democrat Party or the media machine that supports it. The demand is simply, “surrender your guns, because this is very sad!”

I said earlier today that the entire Western order functions on emotionalized gibberish meant to appeal to women, and the issue of crime and violence is no different.

If you actually cared about the violence, you would remove it from the realm of emotionalized rhetoric, and ask what is causing it, then figure out a solution. (You’ll be very surprised to know that it all hearkens back to women, but I will not get into that just yet). Attempting to solve a problem you do not understand the cause of is fundamentally ridiculous.

If you were to analyze the gun violence problem in America rationally, based on the hard facts, the first thing you would notice is that close to 100% of the violence is committed by niggers, usually with cheap handguns they’ve obtained illegally. So, right there, at the beginning of the issue, you can see that the gun control agenda is either put together by delusional morons, has some purpose other than solving the problem at hand, or both.

You will then note that it is not all blacks that are responsible, but specifically nigger males between the ages of 15 and 25. Most or all of them come from households that do not have a father.

The next thing you will note is that the violence is almost all connected to drugs. Almost! Yet, the drugs is also connected to something else, which is directly linked to women, but I won’t addressing this, yet.

Clearly, there is something very wrong with the black race in terms of their impulse control and predilection towards violence, and we must also note that other African countries do have this very same problem that America has with blacks.

Having those basic facts on hand, you would then attempt to formulate a solution that addressed not the guns themselves, but niggers, as they are the source of the problem. The guns are not shooting themselves. Guns are inanimate objects, which require a human being to pull the trigger, and if the human beings pulling the trigger are young nigger males involved in the drug trade, then that is the problem.

It’s a complicated problem to solve, to be sure.

Here are a few things, off the top of my head:

Stop blaming white people for the behavior of nigger people.

Stop telling niggers that they do not have control over their own behavior, and that they are not responsible for it.

Increase police presence in black neighborhoods.

Introduce strict sentences for niggers involved in the drug trade, even if they are not found to have committed violence related to it. If not, legalize drugs. The last part will never happen, so refer to the suggestion before the last.

Support black community leaders that encourage young black men to take responsibility for their lives, rather than blaming whites for their problems.

Cut the welfare programs that support black people foregoing working in favor of “life on the street”.

Sanction black mothers who produce the fatherless bastard children instead of incentivizing this behavior with social welfare programs.

Move to restrict the flow of drugs into black neighborhoods, both through domestic policing and stopping the flow on the border.

And you can go from there.

That would all be a very good start.

The thing is: none of this is a mystery.

None of the Jew-Democrats calling for rural white people to be stripped of their firearms in order to stop inner-city blacks from shooting each other are actually confused about the situation.

What has happened is that American society has been utterly feminized and faggotized, and facts no longer matter to the society as a whole. The only thing that matters is trumped up emotional gibberish, which is in no way connected to the reality situation.

That is to say, all problems go back to The Big Problem, which is the ousting of the patriarchy, and the replacement of it with a woman-centric new order.

Unfortunately, this was not an accident. It was done on purpose.