THOT patrol is back in town.

Pictures of female vanity and inanity are taken down in Kabul

Cunts are no longer allowed to drive and whore around at night. This is the rebuilding of a stable society.

We can say whatever we want about the Taliban and it’ll be true, but when it comes to women, they are spot on. These men are way more masculine than the men we have here in the west. They don’t take shit from women and will never allow cunts to take ahold of their societies, because they instinctively know it means destruction.


Anyone who tells you that the Taliban retaking their country is about something other than restoring order — putting women where they belong — knows absolutely nothing, or is a feminist retard. Which amounts to the same thing.

What we see in Afghanistan, is a real life example of what I’ve been writing and speaking about for over 20 years, playing out right before our eyes.

As I’ve mentioned in several articles, all of human life boils down to Masculine and Feminine. This includes our laws and jurisprudence, perspectives, philosophies, morality and institutions. One is Order and the other is Chaos. We are living in the latter, today and have been for over 50 years. All societies can either be masculine or feminine. Unfortunately, the entire planet is plunged into a gynotopic nightmare, where feminine values are predominant.

With regards to the Taliban, I do not wholly respect their way of life, but I am very masculine and pro-male, and know when to give Jack his jacket — I do think we should follow their exact example on handling the woman problem that has destroyed the west.

We men in the west, should certainly start our own cultural warfare with an aim to put women back where they belong — in the kitchen or in a cage. Returning to tradition will be the first step in restoring any semblance of sanity in this nightmare gynotopia.

It is imperative to get men to comprehend that the one true way to destroy any society is to “liberate” women and this fact brings me to another very important point.


Western man has forgotten, or perhaps wilfully ignore, the fact that women are amoral. They are dumb and their idea of peak existence is becoming a whore. This is because their very existence is about sex and nothing more, so freedom, to women, means being able to be a whore.

“Smart women” are merely larps and grifters. They, most of all should be bound and gagged.

I have often, in the past, mentioned to men to, “compare your sense of morality to that of a woman, and you will be extremely shocked, every time”. Every time I’ve said this to men, their faces become flushed and their eyes widen, while they stare at an open space past my direction, in a “holy shit” manner. Their reactions are soft knee-jerk reactions, because I’ve helped them touch upon something that they are fully aware of, but have been taught to suppress.

Once they come to this realization about women, their interactions with women become very simple and much easier. Well, the Taliban has never lost sight of this, like Western men have.

Currently, women and mangina feminists are on social media saying stupid shit like, “you’re literally rooting for the bad guys who about to crush the dreams of Afghan girls everywhere”.

Quick, name this band.

Yes, crushing the dream to become OnlyFans whores. The same goes for the women who go to college and university.

Women going to college and seeking tertiary education is a waste of resources and destructive to the entire fabric of a society and not just themselves, bio-psycho-sexually. We see this today in the west and there are countless examples of how this weird, unnatural institution of “educating women” has destabilized our existences.

The same goes for women in politics and the military. Just women in public life in general, has proven to be a curse, if not just a bad idea.

The Jewish media is going to continue to make what is going on in Afghanistan about “rescuing women from the evil patriarchy”, but it is truly about promoting the destruction of Afghan civilization. This is because women are inherently destructive and nothing good can come from them when left up to their own devices and capacities. The Jews are fully aware of this and use it as a weapon.

It is about time women learn and comprehend who they owe their freedoms to. Patriarchy.

How ironic! Supporting the Taliban, but this mistrust for Muslims was another psyop perpetuated by the lying Jew, Netanyahu who lied about 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan and about Islamic terrorists being a threat to us and our freedoms, when the truth is, it was the west, via the lies of Israel, who were the threat to these people, all along. They have essentially made us fear and hate Moslems for 20 years straight. Divided us goyim.

At the very least, I am content at seeing the shabbos globohomos take an L. It is so damn satisfying.