Now this is truly shocking.

The reason that I find it so shocking is that no one could have predicted it. Absolutely, NO ONE!


Seriously though: how am I predicting all of this months before it happens; before it has even been suggested? How is it possible for me to do that?

Do I have magic powers?

Is it somehow just inexplicable and statistically impossible dumb luck?

Or, is there a plan at work here that I am aware of, which gives me the ability to see what will happen next?

Of course, I’ve said from the beginning, when I was making all of these predictions, that my ability to do so was based on an understanding of a long-term plan by the ruling elite.

I am not an insider or some KGB defector. I have, though, read and studied what most KGB defectors have written and said, exhaustively.

So, you might want to consider that when trying to figure out how I have predicted everything with such staggering accuracy.

You might also want to look at my track record here, and consider that I am predicting that this fall, the hammer is coming down – full vaxx passport, full fake anti-terrorism campaign against whites, white sympathizers, mobile vaxx units, concentration camps, all of it.

If you’re still sitting around like a dumbstruck boomer talking about, “well, I think we’ve got a few more years before it gets really bad,” then consider I’m telling you that your decision-making process is going to lead to you ending up in a torture camp, with tranny torturers, torturing you in a homosexual way.

They are already out on TV announcing that you are a terrorist.

Look at what these morons just did in Afghanistan. They are unhinged and high on their own supply, even though, the Afghanistan debacle is a distraction psyop – to distract us from what’s coming down the pike with the vax mandates and more lockdowns, food and supply chain shortages and an impending economic collapse.

If you haven’t fled the city yet, you have a couple weeks to do so. They are going to block the highways out.

Just understand me: by refusing to make a decision, you are making a decision.