I’ve warned several men over the past 21 years about women. I have, with an unfiltered perseverance, discussed the true nature of women, at lengths with hundreds of men. Some listened, others think they’ve got it all figured out.

Well, Kamala Harris is set to become the first female president of the USA. That means she is going to be the president of the entire planet — the gynotopia’s goddess head.

This is what the Taliban psyop is all about. To create a legitimate reason for Biden to step down which would then allow the cunt from hell, to usurp the throne.

It is perfect, too, because she’s a woman, which means she’s a total jackass — completely dumb, knows nothing about anything and will use all of our resources towards “fixing the world”. That includes male life, which will become even more expendable and wasted. Especially with what’s going on with cunts in Afghanistan. All of it is pushed by media propaganda and lies, but who cares? Women are “powerful” and the answer to all the world’s ills and will rely on male lives and vitality to create a gynotopic utopia.

Women in general, will fall for this and eat it all up, because they are women — incredibly dumb, cretinous people who cannot think, reason nor process information. None of this, for women, is about processing information; she has a vagina and that’s all that matters. That’s the “achievement”.

Are we not able to see how low and shameful women truly are? The only way they could have achieved having the first female president of the United States, was by stealing an election and pulling the most shady and underhanded maneuverings. They couldn’t achieve it based on their own merits. Why? Because they have no merits worthy of recognition, unless you consider being a whore to be worthy of praise. Unless you consider breaking up of families and homes and calling it “liberation” to be an achievement, then it would continue to stand that women have absolutely nothing to offer other than sex and their wombs.

Let me correct myself — they only have destruction to offer.

If you think a single mother to be an exemplar, then your values are in tandem with The Feminine, because you essentially believe that single motherhood is something to aspire towards and achieve. Not a family unit. This is how sick, dumb and depraved women truly are.

Female insanity and inanity is backed by a gun. Their bullshit and stupidity is just socially sanctioned and backed by proxy-violence from the state. Other than that, they are merely bottom-feeding, petulant, cretinous larps that are trying to be “different”.

I am sick of women trying to convince me that they’re different. It is so annoying. The mere fact that they ALL make attempts to show and convince men that they’re different, is essentially solidifying the fact that they are all the same. They can’t see this though, because they are solipsistic retards who cannot process simple information. Everything about them is emotional and will never be logical or rational. What’s worse is, they think their emotions to be reality.

You think what we all experienced the past 50 years was bad? Wait until Kamala becomes president. Full-scale Communism in your ass! An all-out assault on boys and men will ramp up. The divorce rates will skyrocket to an unprecedented level, if it hasn’t already. There will be more chaos and debauchery. Faggots, trannies and whores everywhere you go. Retarded children holding prominent positions in society. Inflation on a scale never seen before, because all “refugees” and migrants must be fed and taken care of, like kittens in trees being rescued. Free housing for this one and that one, because it is the “nice” thing to do, regardless of the detrimental impacts such policies will have.

We used to joke about there being tampon stores on every corner, if a woman were to become president, but free tampons for women will do.

I know for a fact, that when this happens, I will be vindicated, but I take no delight in this. For this will surely be the end of us all.