Many of you may have already found yourselves in a setting where you were asked if you’ve taken the vaccine or will be getting it.

I can only imagine, but I would think such an exchange would be so uncomfortable and awkward.

Many vaxxers may be quite heady and full of themselves, that they believe themselves to have accomplished a moral good by getting the vax. Most of this is due to them being retards and the Jewish legacy media and government are totally taking advantage of that fact. They are empowered and backed by the prevailing propaganda.

However were you to be pressed by these people (friends and family members), simply say these couple of things:

  • I am not against vaccines. I am simply against these vaccines.
  • Yes, it is a very small percentage of people who are having adverse effects from taking the vax, however, there is no liability clause on part of the pharmaceutical companies, were there to be any hazardous outcomes.
  • In addition, we are at the point where the governments (state and federal) are forcing those who are skeptical. If the vaccine is so good, why no liability clause and why must it be forced?
  • The vaccine has been found to be ineffective in staving off the virus. If I can still get the covid 19 virus even after taking the vaccine why would I get the vaccine?
  • Furthermore, all information on the adverse effects of the vax have been censored.
  • The vaccine has been admitted as being experimental.
  • Lastly the covid 19 virus had not been proven to exist. It has not been isolated nor cultured in inanimate objects and live and dead animals (Koch’s postulates), so how could there be a vaccine for it?

This should buy you some time and may even stump a few. Don’t be too hopeful, though. People are extremely stupid and do not care about logic and reason. Rather emotionality governs them, so use these with hypotheticals that appeal to their emotions.

Referring to their loved ones and pets usually gets them, but still, expect the worst.