Doctor Zelenko, aka Dr. Z, is the Jew doctor and latest internet sensation for being one of many hundreds of other world renowned doctors, to blow the whistle on the death jab.

Again, many, many other doctors — scientists — virologists and physicians — have been blowing the whistle on the hoax virus and the doom vax, since last year, 2020, but none have received the coverage and had as much reach as this Jew. Coincidence or cohencidence?

If you don’t recall who he is and what it is I said about him, you can read this very short article and watch the video attached. He is a lying rat and most likely a disinformation plant to redirect attention from the main culprits behind this virus hoax — his tribe!

Watch the video below, beginning from timestamp 20:00, where doctor Wolfgang Wodarg, asks the lying Jew two simple questions and the Jew has a conniption.


What you’ve all witnessed there, is what happens when a Jew is caught in his lies. When he realizes that his bullshit isn’t being bought, he loses his shit.

First, he will try to play the game of credentialism in order to discredit the person who has lit the fire under his ass. “What is the expertise of the doctor and how many covid patients has he treated?”

His eyes will then flutter and roll back in his head (this is very common among them and pathological liars) as seen in the video. This is a sure sign of neuroticism and what follows are more lies and playing the victim.

Doctor Wodarg (I wrote about him here), is a true professional, who you’ve just learned, put an end to the Swine Flu hoax, 11 years ago. So, this guy knows his shit. He is the guy that medical physicians depend on to know anything about anything. He’s a fucking scientist. Not a glorified nurse. His work is what internists have to read up on in order to know what’s what with the latest medical progress and discoveries.

He is asked by the lying rat Jew, Zelenko about his credentials and how many patients he’s seen and treated in the outpatient setting, but before he can answer, the dishonest Jew, rudely interrupts him and goes on to telegraph his discomfort.

He then audaciously remarks, that he finds it rather surprising that people who have no experience are “hyper-critical”. More discrediting. Remember, when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.

He goes on like this — shaming and discrediting — for some time and even says that he knew it was a pandemic, because the governments said it was, when the great Wolfgang Wodarg asks him how he knew it was a pandemic. That’s how he knows there was a pandemic.

Remember, this “virus” was never isolated, never passed Koch’s postulates, never been proven to exist and so on, so Wodarg’s question is beyond legitimate.

The Jew continues to blab blah, blah, blah. Repeating the same elaborate story that he’s been telling over and over for the past few months. As always, he references the Holohoax and Zyklon B.

His response was very curious and suspicious, to say the least. He is hiding something, as I’ve suggested before. Aside from the fact that Jews are pathological liars and they can’t help but lie, Zelenko, I am almost certain, is a disinformation agent who is here to thwart the goyim’s notice of Jews being behind this entire hoax virus and vaccine.

Only a liar and someone who has something to hide would react this way. Oh, wait. A person who is begging to be believed, will also react this way.

For example, listen to a Christian fundamentalist give his or her “testimony”, then say to them, “I don’t believe you”. Watch how they react. They get so offended as if you are supposed to believe them and them sharing their testimony with you, holds the very kernel of truth-ness that ought to be believed outrightly, because they “did you a favor” by sharing it with you.

Another example of this is when women tell you they were raped, or abused, or some other bullshit — usually they paint themselves as the victim of the guy as if they played no role, nor are complicit in any way shape or form — and you tell them that you don’t believe them; watch how hostile they become.

This is what we are seeing here with the Jew. You’re supposed to accept what he says as fact and truth. How dare you have doubts and disbelief in what they’re selling you?!

The Jew even says that he feels disoriented; that he’s done over 500 interviews, but this one…this one… he feels attacked!

This Jew is a fucking liar.

They all are! Zelenko references the despicable customs of his tribe — human sacrifice and child sacrifice. Watch from timestamp 39:45.

This is hilarious! He even admits that the sacrifice of children is not for medical reasons. Why is he saying this? Simple. He knows that it is Jews who are strong-arming governments around the world and their leaders, to push this virus hoax and the doom vax. Now that their plans are being found out by the Gentiles and there is major pushback, because the vax is proven to be deadly and ineffective — the entire hoax narrative is unraveling — he is trying to jump start the backpedaling and damage control. He is the commencement of the Tikun Olam tactic in all of this. The Jew rescues the world from deadly virus and deadly, genocidal attempt via vaccine.

Trust me folks. These Jews are behind all of this and their cover is being blown.

They will double down. Just like this Jew doctor doubled down with the bullshit, “the government told us so”, misdirection tactic.

We will see much more of this behavior, coming very soon!