Well, folks. The time has come. This is what the Specular Effect has been preparing you all for.

This is it. The New World Order (Communist Totalitarianism) begins. Expect armed soldiers going door to door in early 2022. Could be sooner.

There’s no getting around it anymore. Unless, you know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows anudda guy, who could get the “stuff”.

What’s interesting is, if you do a search on this, using your favorite search engine, a lot of information will show conflicting things. For example, the news is lying to us by saying, the FDA is approving whether or not, to allow the application to pass the vax, through.

According to the media, it dosent approve the vax, at all. Even on the FDA’s website, it states, the earliest the vaccine could be approved is in 2023.

Also according to the media, the Hell variant is killing so many people and because of this, the FDA is pushing for approval on Monday. They’re also running ads appealing to viewers to get the vax, because it so good and will save many lives, yet in the same breath, they are saying, the death shot is giving a lot of people issues.

The truth is, as I’ve mentioned many times before, nothing has to make sense, neither does it have to be consistent.

I’m still not getting it.

Most people have adopted the rhetoric of, every medicine has side effects and a droopy eyelid for two days, is infinitely preferable to a week’s long battle with covid, in both the personal and society-wide sense.

This was always going to happen. It’s all scripted and purposed towards creating division, confusion and chaos. The only reason it wasn’t given full approval sooner, I think, is that they want to time it with the upcoming lockdown and vaccine mandates.

When we’re all on lockdown, it’ll be easier for them to keep tabs on us and locate us. Then, it’s a jab here and a jab there, then jab, jab, jabs everywhere.

On what grounds? How is their ineffectual experimental injection meant to stop a corona virus, when that very same virus has supposedly mutated, because of the ineffective characteristic of the vaccine?

It is all so tiresome and so much like a circus sideshow. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Step right up, folks to be the lucky ones to get the awesome FDA approved blood clots. Jamaicans are outrightly refusing the “bloodclaat”.

I know. All of this is terrifying. I’m terrified, but I’m also prepared. If you want to vent, find those idiots who said, “…by this time, things will get back to normal(TM)” and torture them. Just start spam texting them the articles on here and all the memes. If they get angry at you and block you, fuck ’em. You don’t need them. You never did.

I guess, in the end, it won’t make any difference at all. People who don’t want the vax, don’t want it and they will never change their minds. Hopefully, the only impact this may have is, it will cause more employers and organizations to require the vaccine and nothing more. I have my doubts and they are serious doubts.

You see, like I told many people all June and July of this year, that the FDA was going to accelerate the full approval, because Pfizer had applied for “priority review” earlier in year.

The military had also revealed that they expected full approval by September.

The “MUH FDA” goalpost was the worst possible goalpost and we are in this situation, because of the fucking FDA.

The FDA ignored treatments, because they wanted to force the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) drugs. They even used a study ((1 out of 4), that was considered fraudulent by the scientific community. This was, of course, after the scientific community were already voicing their outrage at the unscientific means and processes many doctors and “specialists” like Anthony Fauci used to diagnose patients to determine they had Covid 19. To add insult to injury, studies were debunked as fraudulent, due to researchers administering way more than the recommended dosages, in controlled settings.

For example, instead of using 400mg of HCQ, per patient, each subject was giving 2400mg. Six times the recommended amount! As Dr. Zelenko accurately states in his repetitive spiel, this is enough to kill anyone. Moreover, instead of reducing the dosage, they concluded right away that HCQ was ineffective and ought to be junked as a viable treatment option.

Why would the FDA use a debunked study? Simple, in order to remove HCQ from the EUA, in order to replace it with Remdesivir, since only one drug could have been approved for EUA — a drug that was proven more or less ineffective in treating the hoax virus.

Why would they replace one ineffective drug with another?

To legitimize the need for a death vax.

Essentially, what they did was, replace an effective drug, by claiming it was ineffective (using a fraudulent study), with an actual ineffective drug.

The conclusion is, the FDA, as is the case with all government agencies, is an evil, federal, alphabet, glownigger agency.

Anyway, I wish you guys all the best and advise you to hold out to the last second, if you have to.