Truth is all that matters. Do not assume a quick death for those who have taken the death vax and are criticizing you for not doing so, too. They could be miserable for years with all kinds of illnesses. Most are not educated about it, so ask them to study these links first.

Here is a 106 page PDF, listing vaccine deaths and side effects showing many deaths within 24 hours of subjects receiving the experimental vaccine.

Here are 124 pages of experimental vaccine related deaths and damage.

This link provides many videos of the experimental vaccine damaged Americans.

Vaccine death and damage testimonies.

Many die shortly after taking experimental vaccine (March 2021).

Many die in UK after experimental vaccine (February 2021 article).

Parents speak out about their children dying from vaccines.

Medical attorney says, 45,000+ Americans are dead from covid vaccines as of August 2021.

Compilation of Vaccine Side Effects:

Top Pathologist: Toxic attack on our population.

Inevitable clotting issues.

Never forget: most people are behaving like women. This means they know they’ve fucked up and want you to partake of the forbidden fruit, so they can feel OK with their poor decisions.