Get outta town, by sundown, clown.

I wonder what’s causing the Danes to take such a bold and common sense approach?

Could it be due to this?

This is new health data released by Public Health England showing that the double vaxxed are dying at a rate of 434% higher than the unvaccinated. This is huge news and also quite sad.

In Florida, an obscene covid 19 vaccine false flag is underway.

These are all lies! It is very similar to the lies that were told last year, at the beginning of the lockdowns in NYC, where they said the hospitals were over flooded with sick and dying people.

The Jacob Javitz Center and segments of Central Park were sectioned off to contain the overspill. Nothing happened!

I personally drove around and investigated myself. I have tons of footage, of which are shot in 4K and are much too large to upload. Depending on how things unfold with this false flag, in Florida, I will take the time to upload them.

However, it is for certain, they are coming for Floridians with the lies.