Naturally, the question that arises after seeing these headlines is, what are these people doing for money?

There are hundreds of articles about mass resignations, but I have yet to hear how these people are paying their bills.

The closest explanation I’ve heard thus far is “tHe GiG eCoNoMy!!!”, which I am not against, I just want to know how people can just spontaneously quit their jobs, because covid made them “reevaluate their priorities in life”.

Okay, all that is to get us all thinking, because we know that local and federal governments are subsidizing these efforts through unemployment benefits, provided these people were fired! However, you don’t receive unemployment benefits if you’ve quit your job. So, again, how are these people sustaining themselves?

I don’t believe any of this. I think all of this is media propaganda. Besides, why should the employment status of other people matter to us? Tend your own garden. However, the media is definitely up to something.

We would postulate that these people are quitting, because they don’t want fifty vaccines and booster shots. Even those who take the vaccine don’t want fifty boosters. They would rather wait at home for the Pharma Jews to stop with the nonsense.

Yet, I think this may all be by design to collapse the American economy.

Keep your eyes peeled.