How on earth could any single adult person be opposed to a rule that women should stay inside?

Most people believe this is an effort to protect women. No! It is so that women don’t fuck shit up!

Then there are the other dumb asses, who think women need to be “liberated”.

Fox News:

It’s stupid and silly that Fox News is going along with this feminism hoax.

Do conservatives – Trump supporters – now believe that it is the duty of the US military to enforce feminism?

Could anyone on the right-wing ever argue that any of the things they are against would be happening if women were not allowed to leave their houses in America?

I don’t think so.

So, their opinion is that women’s liberation matters more than any other issue. If we have to have mass immigration, Joe Biden, child trannies, Black Lives Matter, election hoaxes, socialism, censorship, etc. in order to defend women’s rights – it’s worth it?

They think that?

Or is this just a Jewish plot?

I stopped listening to women speak a long time ago. When they open their mouths, I walk away. Unless… I’ll leave that alone.

It’s worth asking conservatives: how much are you willing to sacrifice in the name of women’s liberation?

I don’t think that question has been asked.