School mask mandates might seem like a meaningless fight, but when these people lose, and they have all of this stuff forced on them, they’re going to come to some hard realizations about the nature of the system they are dealing with. More than likely not, but we can only hope.


They are most definitely criminals.

They are operating completely outside of the law.

No one thinks that these people actually have some kind of right under the Constitution to force people to wear masks against their will.

They’ve seized this power, because they can, under the regime of fear that the media has pushed under the current gynotopia. This is what happens when you allow women in public life. They want to mommy everyone and everything.

What you are witnessing here with the pushback, is Feminine energy, too.

You readers may not comprehend what I am referring to, neither would you agree, but still, what I’m saying is reality and unavoidable.

Feminine energy, with regards to pushing back against tyranny (Femininity), amounts to absolutely NOTHING. What I mean by this is, the Feminine is content with getting up in someone’s face and yelling and screaming, thinking this feat is some great accomplishment and it is often accompanied by Feminine outbursts of “woooooo”, “woo hoo!” and applauds by women and feminine men, as if they are at a music concert. At the end of it all, it amounts to absolutely nothing and gets absolutely nothing done.

This is essentially what “protests” and “demonstrations” are about — a showcase of Feminine energy and stupidity.

You don’t have to accept what I say. Accept it or not, it is a fact and the reality that we all live in today — a gynotopia.

What is going on with the Asian woman in that video, flaunting her thinness?

If she’s going to be in America, she should either get as fat as American white women, or cover up and not show off the fact she isn’t fat.

Someone needs to tell these people a few things: that there is no virus, no virus has been isolated, there is no proof of a new virus.

The mask mandate was simply a step in the process of stripping you of your bodily autonomy. Now they’re staking it to the next obvious step: vaxx mandate.

Someone needs to them to home school their kids, which means women need to get the fuck back in the kitchen and do what nature intended them to be doing.

Until then, none of this feminine stupidity will work.