I took the shot and I felt wonderful, invigorated, brimming with vitality. I will be getting my second shot, just as soon as the bartender gets back from his break.

Guess what?! I’m in luck, too, because they said shots are “mandatory” and “recurring”. Someone call me cab, please? *hiccup*

As always, the Jews have to be greedy about everything and get the most.

It is shocking that after the rushed FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, the Pentagon now mandates COVID-19 vaccines for all members of the military.

Listen to what a US Veteran has to say about this:

Failure to comply will result in court martial. Punishments include, firing squad and hanging. Get the vax or die.

Can you imagine signing up and becoming a ZogBot slave, being deprived of free will and sent abroad to fight in endless wars for the profit of Israel, only to come back home in pieces or with missing pieces.

If any of you think these ZogBot idiots are going to be scared away by the death shot, you’re sadly mistaken. They will get the needle weekly, if they are required to. They are that dumb.


I’m not too worried.

Besides, none of this is new. This same shit was tried 11 years ago.

Sheeeeeiiiit! It was tried 40 years ago.

The same script is playing out.

What can I say other than, Communism never sleeps.

So, what does this all mean for us? Well my fellow Gentile, as I’ve pointed out before, they will not stop until EVERYONE on planet earth is vaccinated. Now that the vax has been approved by the FDA (JEWS), there is no excuse for not taking it. What, you thought the FDA had your interest at heart? Don’t be an idiot.

It was always stupid to make the argument, “the vaccine isn’t approved by the FDA”. ALWAYS was. Only mental midgets made that argument as if FDA approval means something.

Bourla is happy for the approval that he says the vaccine is just for you. He’s playing hot potato with his concoction from hell.

Don’t worry. The normies will wake up.

This will never end!