I wasn’t going to talk about it, because I usually do not like to get into things that are senseless and meaningless. Unless it is to point out that the “senseless and meaningless” is at the forefront to serve a particular purpose, I would not discuss it.

This holds true for the recent Afghanistan “foul up” and “terrorist attacks”. It is senseless and meaningless, but not without an agenda.

As I’ve mentioned several times before in other articles, nothing is by happenstance. Everything is by design.

There are no random events, like the Jewish media would like you to think and believe. This holds true for what is going on in Afghanistan.

Recently, I pointed out that it is all a distraction from what is going on with regards to the plandemic and the global Jewish Communist Bolshevik plan to “vaccinate” the entire planet and to find legitimate (legitimate to the idiots who watch the idiot box) reasons and causes for Kamala Harris to become the first female president of this here, United States. I will add to the list (despite there not really being a need to do so) that Israel is seeking more justifications to further its assault on its “enemies” in the region.

All at the same time, more and more distractions will be pumped out to confuse you and overwhelm you and none of them are random. NONE! Remember that!

I find it amusing that various “personalities” on the right are talking about how Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, as if this was some circumstance that was caused by Biden‘s failing mental capacity.

Get the fuck outta here!

Biden did exactly what was needed of him, given the Jew World Order plans and doctrine. Everything that has happened is according the script and has been played out previously in places like Vietnam, Iraq and just about every single war the USA has been involved in.

It is just made to seem like a “huge blunder” on part of Biden, according to the Jewish legacy media, in order to make it appear as though all of it is random and what’s to come will be “random” too, as a result of the previous “random” events. Fox News is definitely a part of the agenda. They pretend to be wilful, useful idiots to draw support for the true useful idiots, YOU!

I find it equally amusing how people believe everything they see on the television. They swallow what is told to them by the Jewish lamestream media, whole. They treat it as factual and as their reality.

Don’t get me wrong; of course people die! How else is the distraction and lie going to have its effect?

Couple that with odious rules of engagement which is then compounded by purposefully inept leadership and a level of war profiteering the likes of which the world has never seen, is exactly what was intended from the start.

Western powers could have eliminated the Taliban within 3 to 5 years, given their technological superiority and military might. What we are seeing played out on the world’s stage, is what was planned before the Afghanistan war ever happened and if you think the CIA, Mossad and other Jewish controlled intelligence agencies such as the FSB aren’t involved, then you really don’t comprehend the world you live in. You’re better off killing yourself.

The Taliban originally began as the Mujahadin, run by Jewish Bolsheviks of the CIA (see Operation Cyclone). The Mujahadin is still run by Jewish Bolsheviks of the CIA.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

Many idiot boomers are carrying on; behaving hysterically, claiming, “they’re [Taliban] going to come attack us here, next”. These people are so stupid. They still haven’t learned that Israel did 9/11 and it was not some Afghan or Muslim terrorists in caves. [Jews need to demonize both Islam and Christianity, but I say fuck all desert cults.] They have successfully made Americans afraid of Muslims and have divided us Gentiles among ourselves; fighting, bickering, afraid of each other, pointing the finger at each other, while the Jew, snickers and rubs his greasy palms with delight.

The suicide bombing in the Kabul airport is just another false flag.

We’ve all been watching and listening; inundated with mass hysteria and misinformation on social media about the mass evacuation operation of several tens of thousands of Westerners and Afghans, being brutally interrupted by a “double-suicide bombing”.

13 US soldiers, an unconfirmed number of Taliban, and dozens of Afghan civilians were killed by a group of dubious origin, named “ISIS-K”, carried all of this out. The Jewish media reported that “ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the attack.

However, the US military has since clarified that just one, not two, explosions took place, while some local eyewitness reports claim the majority of civilian casualties were in fact shot dead by US soldiers.

How easy is it to explode any kind of bomb and conveniently call it a “suicide bomber”? I don’t know, but I can imagine it wouldn’t be difficult at all.

But hey, if you ever feel useless, remember it took 20 years, trillions of dollars and four US presidents to replace The Taliban with the Taliban.

The Jewish controlled USA/CIA has got to keep the propaganda narrative alive of those crazy rag heads who want to kill us all, because “they’re jealous of our freedoms”.

This is why a secret meeting was held.


This was just one, out of many weird occurrences before the bombing, this week.

Once again, the American people and the west are being dragged through a humiliation ritual.

Once again the west has set up a contentious region to go to war with at a later date.

Once again the west has given Israel reason to go to war with its neighbors.

As always, the main beneficiaries are Jews and Israel.

As always, Americans will fall for it and support it.

Wake up.