Stockpiling weapons is always a good idea, regardless of specific circumstances.


There’s a zero percent chance that Bolsonaro is going to survive the 2022 election. It’s just not possible that the globalists will let him win, and he’s thus far totally failed to establish some kind of dictatorship, or whatever. He couldn’t even manage to shut down the coronavirus hoax.

His whole situation has been basically exactly like that of Donald Trump.

But hey, if he’s telling people to stockpile weapons, maybe he’s planning on telling his supporters to rise up in the event that the election is stolen from him.

That would at least be funny.

Certainly, it would be much funnier than what Donald Trump did – condemn his own supporters as terrorists and then tell everyone to take a deadly vaccine. That was not funny at all.

Bolsonaro is the last legit masculine figure in the West.

I support him all the way!