This has been sitting in my drafts folder for some time, as you can see. It is a long one!

Here it is:

Most of you readers are without a doubt curious as to why and how it is I have come to see women the way I do. Most of you, if you are a man, like women, employ the exact same psychological guesswork that women without fail, employ, when encountering my boldness to critique female behavior and psychology. You think me to be some beta male chump, who was probably abused, gay or can’t get laid, short, unattractive, can’t find a woman, hates his mom or just hates women, because I was dumped or cheated on. Oh, we can’t forget; “he has a small penis”.

All of these retorts are conjured up in the inane hive-mind of The Feminine, when it is put under the microscope and its true nature is revealed.

No! None of the aforementioned applies to me. For those of you who are reading and know me personally, you guys can certainly attest to these facts; that all of what I just described (actual retorts made to me by women and actual mangina men), does not apply to me, at all! It is so the opposite. Everything! Not that it matters, nor that it should matter.

These examples of psychological guesswork given above (ad hominem attacks, in order to silence others. CENSORSHIP IS FEMININE), believe it or not, are ubiquitous! That train is never late!

Women are such NPCs (non-playable characters in a game, programmed to say and do things, by the game developers) that they all respond with the same, old, tired insults and shaming language. Regardless of race, culture, ethnic background, social status and class; whenever women are critiqued and their stupidity is pointed out, you get the exact, same responses and retorts! Men who are programmed into giving the same responses are usually faggots, raised by a single mother or raised around women, or worse, raised in a matriarchal home where the father is a hen pecked, head-nodder. Yet, within a gynotopia where Feminine values are so pervasive, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see men adopting these Feminine values, regardless of upbringing. These tactics are employed by mangina men and women, both, but mostly by women. Nevertheless, it is mangina men who unleash Feminine bullshit into wider society as a mating strategy — it is an assured way of gaining access to vagina, if you “play nice” — because these men are slaves to their inner bio-psycho-sexual desires. It is what motivates them.

Mangina-men and women act as though cunts are above scrutiny, criticism and reproof. It is beyond evident; it is empirical even, that women are nothing more than solipsistic incubators that possess no ability to self-reflect, hence they take up this defensive position. However, the men who do, usually are slaves to their base sexual desires which have been hijacked by Feminine values, as I will explain.

In the minds of women and these feminized men, no one — NO MAN — ought to ever speak about his observations of female behavior. If he does, he is, “another cuck faggot who has a big mouth spewing hate and insanity who was most definitely raped as a child by his mother or female caregiver who has developed mental illness, not to mention an inferiority complex”, or, “Another effed up fag! Must have been abused by mommy or foster care…” or, he’s gay, he hates his mom, or he can’t get laid, or he’s lonely, or he’s a virgin, or, he hates women and “needs therapy”. The most contrived ad hominem attack, of late, has been calling men who criticize women, Incel (Involuntarily Celebate).

(The above quoted, are actual responses from people who I have never met, nor do they know anything about my life).

(There is a great difference between MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) and Incels. MGTOW are men like myself, who just want to be left the fuck alone by women. We don’t care to be around women neither are we, nor ever were we interested in “chasing skirt”, because we never had to and we understand that the juice is not worth the squeeze. We are well put together, masculine men who don’t have problems with getting women and female attention AT ALL, whatsoever (as a matter of fact, much of our wisdom, insight and philosophy comes from the fact that we’ve had many women in our lifetime, enough to study their behaviors and psychology), and we see women as attention seeking children and the most we can get out of interacting with them, is sex — exactly what nature intended them for.

We don’t pretend, nor do we portend that they are much more than that and we also understand that sex is overrated and there are many more meaningful things to pursue and accomplish in life, outside of a wet hole. Male Sovereignty and intellectual pursuits govern our being — we are the Über Mensch.

We understand Femina Natura very well and are cautious of it, but we don’t care to bring harm to women, neither to exert energy on hating them. For we see women as a waste of time and energy and none of these precious resources ought to be expended on them. We understand that wolves are going to be wolves and try to eat us at every turn and we cannot blame them for being who they are, but this will not deter us from warning other men about the nature of these wolves.

These precious resources are better spent on ourselves and enriching the lives of other men — teaching them that their lives are worth much more than some unintelligent, petulant cunt, with a wet hole.

So, to bring harm to women is just not within our philosophy. We avoid women, because we understand they are dangerous creatures and most of all, we value ourselves way more to even allow some cunt to jeopardize our lives.


Incels, on the other hand, have the very same understandings as MGTOW men, but they have an interest in affecting change and sometimes, the way they go about affecting change isn’t intelligent, at all. Incels are not too bright — they don’t take their lives — their peace of mind and wellbeing — as seriously as MGTOW men do. This is the only reason why I consider them to be the Mensch. They appear to be, still, propelled by the pursuit of vagina. They are usually the purple-pilled men in the manosphere who cannot handle rejection. They seldom heed the wisdom of MGTOW men and when they do, it is often too late.

They fixate on women and their behaviors, instead of trying to understand themselves and why they, as well as other men, are affected by female behavior and attempt to understand female behavior. This is how they become consumed with hate and disdain for women. Had they adhered to the counsel of MGTOW philosophy, they wouldn’t end up in the shit they get themselves into, neither would they get every other man who is critical of women, lumped in with their shit.

They suffer severely from the post Red Pill malaise.

Incels should be seen as the RadFem of the manosphere).

I swear, these cunts are so fucking lame and cringe! This incel “insult” demonstrates that they are totally unable to process information and are incapable of introspection. Yet all of this is done, because women are narcissistic cum dumpsters who believe themselves to be incapable of doing any wrong! Which is to say, men don’t and CANNOT and can NEVER have legitimate grievances about women. How dare you point out that women are destructive cunts who have destroyed society?

Look, again, I write this for the male readers, so they can understand the type of hellish creatures and shit bag cunts women really are. I want men to truly comprehend the pathetic nature of women and see that they cannot be reasoned with neither can they debate, because they are women — THEY ARE FUCKING RETARDED! I am simply undoing/revealing what all women and mangina-men who possess an unfounded affinity towards women, wish to conceal from non-redpilled men. I want men to never, ever lose sight of these facts and reality and engage with women in any kind of back and forth, because it is a waste of time and energy. You’ll be better off explaining things to your dog than a woman.

Man’s Best Friend
He is actually loyal and has function

More importantly, I wish for men to stop cowering to women and thinking that they are above them. They  are not! They are beneath us and always have been.

So, back to the shaming tactics and shaming language used; these responses are the lowest hanging fruits given, but why? Let’s dig deeper, shall we? Let’s put women aside and focus on the Men — the ones who promote and perpetuate The Feminine. For it is because of these men, The Feminine was allowed to take hold.

We can find the same visceral behavioral knee-jerk responses with another delusion — Religion and the belief in god or gods. (This is me expressing my associative horizon, here. Stay with me. The parallel is very clear and essential).

Now, I can’t think of any other sacred cows that wrought these exact reactions in people. Can you?

I mean, not even politics, or criticizing someone’s kid, gets you this vehemence. It is weird! This peculiararity has always piqued my curiosity.

People who are religious, or emotionally unstable, tend to respond the same way people who encounter criticism of women do, when their beliefs are challenged, intentionally or inadvertently. They say dumb shit like, you must have been hurt by someone, or emotionally scarred, if you don’t share their beliefs or believe in a sky being. You’re an atheist, then you must have some screw loose.

Allow me to open up your associative horizon by drawing some very keen and important parallels here, okay?

The first religions were centered around women — goddess worship. It is a worship centered around the way boys and men want women to be — the ideal woman — not a worship of her as she truly is. Because of this, the doors of the minds of many men have rusty hinges and are unable to open. They aren’t ready to take a long, hard look at women for what they truly are, hence their reactions towards any man who speaks the truth about women are always hostile. This is why single mothers are promoted and venerated in today’s society, because they are seen as goddesses who “do it alone”, as though men have absolutely no role in the process.

You ask any of these morons to give you ONE good thing about femininity and they’ll tell you, “women give birth”, as if men had absolutely nothing to do with it.

(Women are always likening themselves to royalty; referring to themselves as queens and princesses, all because they have the potential to give birth. Mind you, this is a biological function that requires nothing of women to achieve. It is a function of biology similar to taking a shit. Nothing more than having a vagina and maintaining a stable body temperature.

They venerate themselves on this one biological function that requires nothing of them and which they couldn’t do alone; they pretend as though it is a great feat, even after 250,000 years of human evolution and existence — a “burden” that they carry all on their lonesome. We no longer live in times and in an environment where the chances of survival are extremely low, yet they behave as though this is the case — that giving birth is such an incredible accomplishment and a mechanism and process that is solely inherent to their existence. They take the whole incubator fact and reality to another level, simply to make themselves feel good, because they truly have absolutely nothing else to offer. This is their preoccupation in life, despite the fact that majority of women should not be having children, period!)

(Have you ever stopped to notice how women treat pregnancy like an illness?)

Essentially, what I am saying here is, men’s responses, when met with criticisms of women, come from a very primitive and base part of the mind; essentially, the place that has to do with the Male Mother Need and the need to procreate. Their retorts are merely mating strategies.

Their very existences are are primarily about sex, reproduction and female veneration in order to procure themselves as viable mating partners. They aim to please women all the time to ensure a chance of reproduction and as a result, their masculinity has been hijacked. Their responses, believe it or not, are evolutionary, albeit very primitive. It is how they ensure their abilities to procreate and pass on their genes in a post post modern world, where feminine values are predominant. Were wearing shoes dipped in feces a sure way to garner female attention and subsequently gain access to her vagina, men will wear those shit-dipped shoes.

Today, merely pandering to and cosgning the delusions and idiocy of women, ensures that these men will be highly esteemed within the sexual dynamics of men and women. This was not always so, for it was the Masculine men who went to war and defended the men, women and children, who were the heroes and who regarded in high esteem. It is what all Harlequin romances are about — masculine men who stood their grounds against femininity and its retardation, who took care of business and looked after all. This, of course, is no different to wearing shit-dipped shoes.

In order to get mangina-men to annex another nation or go to war, the emotions of women were always stirred up and in turn, these women would guilt trip the pussy beggars to go to war; using sex and shaming tactics to force them into conscription.

We need only look at the White Feather Campaign of WW1. This same shaming tactic was used during the Crusades.

Unfortunately, these tactics have found themselves interwoven into our evolutionary makeup and much of our society is dominated by these Feminine tactics so much so, the IQs have been drastically lowered, as a result.

A lot of these men, like women, are unable to think and reason. Take for instance, they are unable to process generalities. They are the first to give the NAWALT (Not all Women Are Like That) argument. This demonstrates female thinking and is high up on the list of retorts given when women being criticized makes them uncomfortable. They, like women, as a result of adopting Feminine values, are unable to process information and are unable to see that by giving that response (the NAWALT argument) that they have conceded that what is being said about women is indeed true. Yet, again like women, they seek to take the exceptions to the rule and create a new rule. Which is to say, that because there are a few who do not fit the general description, we must ignore what’s general — what’s common — and pretend that the exceptions are what’s common. Be nice!

The feminized man can and is often, worse than any woman you may interact with. The human species, like all other species on the planet, is unconsciously motivated by sex and the need to procreate, reproduce and survive, genetically. This means, the male will acquiesce to anything, simply to have sex. It is the unseen hand of evolution tinkering in such a manner to ensure the survival of the species and this includes adopting Feminine values to maintain access to vagina. What occurs as a result of such unnatural and superimposed evolutionary pressures is the chaotic and destructive societies we have today. This is all due to the Feminine not being where it belongs and playing its natural role in the evolutionary process.

This fake and unnatural society that is the Feminine being allowed to roam freely in the public arena of human existence, has made the pursuit of vagina the motivating factor behind the sustenance of society. It is fictional, in the sense that when any man or group of men takes the red pill, he soon experiences the post red pill malaise, which is a loss of motivation. This affects his career, alters how much money he needs to survive and to be happy and most importantly, how much energy and mental effort ought to be exerted into accomplishing anything he pursues. He takes stock of everything as a result of asking why he is seeking to accomplish these things. For what? Vagina? This is to say, vagina is falsely elevated to keep society (Men) working and maintaining it. It is how today’s men stay motivated and why most, if not all industries and institutions esteem women as grand prizes. When and if all men were to come to the realization that the juice is not worth the squeeze; that the bang is not worth the buck, society as we know it, may grind to a halt, or at least undergo a reset.

Then there are men with daughters. These men have also adopted the Feminine and are also contributors to the Chaos we are living in today. Men with daughters are not and can never be objective. Never trust a man with a daughter or daughters. There is a high chance that his masculinity has been compromised. HE CAN NEVER BE RATIONAL AND OBJECTIVE and will always elevate women above himself and other men.

However, this snake bites its own tail, because in order for women to be elevated, men must be displaced and in doing so, the entire system will collapse in on itself. This is the natural way of things — women will always desire to be like men (the Female Animus) and thusly, will always create chaos in their frivolous and foolish pursuits. It is inevitable! The Culture War is and has always been The Masculine vs. The Feminine, where one is Order and the other is Chaos. We are living in the latter.

I can go on and on about this — giving countless of examples and drawing parallels — but, I do not wish to belabor the point. The point being, that men who resort to this Feminine form of thinking and shaming tactics (any kind of Feminine thinking and values) whenever female behavior and stupidity is highlighted and critiqued, is a feminized man. A simp who deserves to get his ass beat.

Back when I was growing up, we boys would call each other fags in jest and the use of the word “fag” didn’t mean you were a homosexual and took it up the ass. It meant you were behaving like a girl; that you would side against the boys with the girls and adopt girly shit, just to garner female attention and recognition. That’s what a fag was and there are many fags running our governments and society. These were the men who allowed women to vote and who still today, would like to convince us masculine men, that women are intelligent and all the other fictional nonsense.

We used to beat up these fags in high school, because they deserved it and despite what the Feminine says about bullying, bullying is necessary and very important. It weeds out the weak, if it doesn’t transform them into something stronger. The Feminine has once again, interfered with this very important masculine process; disrupting it and creating an imbalance so far-reaching, that we have literal faggots in the military.

What do you think Pokémon is all about? It is a safe space for the weak, strange and awkward kid to indulge in his cringe, non-masculine fantasies. Where in the male dominance hierarchy, he would be weeded out — his femininity was not allowed to survive, as nature intended it.

Look at these characters. They are weird and gay and the Feminine tells them, “it’s okay to be who you are, because you’re special”. Not, stop being a little sissy and learn to fit in with the boys.

One Punch is no different. A slack-jawed faggot hero with no trace or sign of masculinity, yet he’s defeating hyper masculine characters with, ONE PUNCH.

There’s no testosterone anything going on there, yet this is the geeky, feminized kid’s fantasy of surviving the manosphere.

So, yeah, if you think women ought not to be criticized, you’re just a useless pussy-begging, lapdog faggot who will get violent with the wrong person and end up in some serious shit. You’re using the current gynotopic dynamics to voice your faggotry without the risk of getting your face caved in, for being a fag.

Women are not above scrutiny, criticism or reproof. Get that in your thick, loser skulls and what I do is for men — restoring order and balance to a world that is a chaotic, gynotopic nightmare — real, masculine men, who aren’t afraid to say it as it is — WOMEN ARE FUCKING STUPID!

Deal with it!