It would be remiss of me and my duties to you readers, were I not to draw your attention to at least this one particular article that jumped out to me, like a giant, flashing, “red alert” sign.

I think it speaks to the very great danger that we are in, specifically at this moment, approaching the 20th anniversary of 9-11

With all of the psychological baggage that comes with that and given all of the other information that’s streaming across the internet, right now, I think this one is significant.

“Just the facts, man!”

This is the punch line to this particular article:

The agency is concerned about attacks from militant groups…so far there are no tangible indications of planned attacks according to the agency.

They buried this in the third paragraph, after anyone who is going to read any of it have long bailed, after just reading the headlines.

“So far there are no tangible indications of planned attacks” according to the agency”. So, Switzerland’s federal intelligence service is warning there’s going to be attacks on vaccination centers.

Oh really?

What kind of intelligence do you have on that?

Well, absolutely none. We have zero.

Nothing. Absolutely no indicators of any activity, whatsoever in preparation for any kind of attack.

They’re going to tell you what kind of attack is going to happen, what kind of sites are going to be hit and what kind of mass casualties are going to be generated, along with the media coverage.

Hey, it’s already happening in advance, here in America. Isn’t that convenient for the real terrorists — the people who are terrorizing us.

The people who are terrorizing the public are not the scary, bearded, Moslem boogeyman, nor are they the damn anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers “who just want people to die”.

It is your Gouvernment.

It is, of course, as always, the federal intelligence services, the governments themselves who are terrorizing the population, saying, “watch out! There’s gonna be a big bombing; a big spectacular terror attack” and when it happens you will already know who to blame.

I mentioned this was going to happen a while back and I must admit, I have not seen this level of false flag preparedness taking place in many years.

Now, there is always, and I mean always (and you can go back through the archives if you are doubtful on this point) some story that comes up around the 9-11 anniversary, to bring the Taliban/AL Qaeda boogeyman back into the public consciousness and the specter of the never ending “war on terror” and this year, this shit has fever pitched.

The independent media has for decades, been telling us about how the war on terror was never about the bastardly Moslem boogie man; that it was always about creating the “Homeland Security” apparatus to wield against the population and criminaliz dissent.

Guess what, folks. That shit is happening right now!

Medical martial law is being slotted into place all around the world and the indicators of that are everywhere. If you need some indicators of that how about this recent story:

They are preparing us, through predictive programming to label anti-vaxxers as terrorists. Of course, you’ve seen this occurring over the past few weeks, but this is not a test. This is not, “could be coming”. It is here! On the very eves of the 20th anniversary of 9-11.

Watch. I want you guys to pay particular attention to the lamestream media’s rhetoric in the coming days and weeks, leading up to September 11th. It will, without failure and without a doubt, be about potential false flag events. Ones that will be either carried out by anti-vaxxers, “White Supremacists”, Trump Supporters and we cannot forget, the Taliban, or Al Qaeda.

At the very least, they will be likening us Americans, who stand up to their insanity and tyranny, to the evil boogeymen they created and planted in our minds, the past 20 years.

You still think governments are good?