It is just getting better and better by the hour.

I hate relative timestamps. This was 2 hours ago, from 10:07 EST

Two more weeks nigga!!!

Most likely it will be a soft-hardening, so people won’t notice or won’t care about what’s taking place. So, business as usual.

I guess they’ll ban the unmasked from more things.

Biden will mandate vaxxes for federal employees, “suggest” more shit for states and the same states that ignored them all last year, will keep ignoring them, until the iron fist comes down on them in false flag events.

Oh, by the way. I forgot to mention that the flooding in NYC and NJ was a fake flag and many more environmental false flags are going to become commonplace. This, as I’ve warned you before, fits into the climate change angle they were going to push on us, anyway.

It has already begun:

The forest fires are fake, in the sense of them being anthropogenic — lit on purpose. Something can be done about them, such as what was done to cause the unnatural amounts of flooding in NYC — cloud seeding.

All manners of weather modifications are and will be underway for the foreseeable future, in order to convince the gullible to join in and lend their support and consent for these climate change hoaxes and more government tyranny.

There is just too many shekels behind what’s going on with this covid hoax, around the planet. So, trust me when I tell you, there will be mass compliance.

Remember what happened after 9/11? They convinced billions that some men in a cave took down the twin towers.

Everyone else who were telling these morons about the “5 Dancing Israelis” were all called conspiracy kooks.

I’ve had enough. I am fed up, because it is all too tiresome and people are just too fucking stupid.