If at this point you have not stocked up, I must assume that you are going to rob me when everything starts to crumble, and I will fucking kill you!

We can certainly take the position that defaulting on the national debt will never happen; that it would be a positive thing, for (((they))) will just raise the debt ceiling again, so their tribe could continue to suck the American society, dry.

But this time around; this time, they want America to crash and burn. All evidence points to this fact.

The Central bank, of course, is trying to scare the GOP into agreeing to the insane Democrat budget. After all, we gotta kill the dollar to bring in the Fedcoin as its replacement. All of this means America’s decline, nonetheless.

It would unironically be a good thing for the USG to default and be forced to restructure debt and accept austerity measures.

For one there would be no point in infesting our government with Jews, because the military resources they seek for the “Greater Israel Project”, simply wouldn’t exist.

It is just better to be prepared. If you’re wrong, you can still eat your mistakes. Besides, all of this means inflation!