I told you guys the shenanigans was coming in this month.

I hope you guys stocked up, because they are just now getting started.

I don’t take any pleasure in being right about any of this shit, at all.

“There’s no point in resisting any further. Just get the vaccine, before we hold a gun to your head and MAKE you take it.”

That’s not a direct quote, but that’s exactly what it means.

What are they going to do to us, now?
Travel restrictions? Freeze bank accounts? Make us fuck fat chicks?

They’re going to implement the Australian Template.

I wish I could confidently say that, nobody is going to forcefully give vaccines out, unless they are content with their brains being blown out. I also wish I could say that, at this point, the unvaxxed would rather take someone out with them, than take the vaxx, but after studying the feminization and demoralization of our western nations, I’m very doubtful.

Please don’t mistake my pessimism for fear and demoralization porn. It is just reality and I’m not like everyone else and I may be different to the other person, for sure. I still maintain the position of, “come taste my 12 gauge, bitches!”, while the other guy may fold and give in.

Lots of people I knew were against the vaccines; they caved within seconds as soon as they announced new restrictions that impacted them.

Now some of them are saying, “I’ll never get a third shot”. We’ll see. Retards.

Remember when they were saying it was all about saving this set of retarded people?

On another serious note, I feel sorry for blue-staters. It is true that the Fed can only “advise”; they cannot enforce states to enact restrictions. Obviously Commiefornia and Nig York will comply or exceed the recommendations along with the stupid blue part of your red state. However, the fed has no authority. Technically, if you get what I’m saying.

If I remember correctly, the CDC considers anyone to be unvaxxed until 28 or more days, after receiving the second vax. If they die before those 28 days, they become an, “unvaxxed death”. Add in a fake PCR test and you suddenly have tons of “unvaxxed covid patients dying”.

On top of that, they consider those who haven’t received the latest vaccine to be unvaxxed, 4 months after having received it.

As for this cunt, well, she must be dragged through the streets of Washington, before being given the rope, by a lynch mob.