You were the chosen ones!

You were supposed to beat up skanks, not educate them!


Having female professors is an even worse idea. Women are just not fit to teach anyone other than toddlers. Swoman with intellectual pursuits, 9 out of 10 times, has issues with her sexual reproductive organs. What are the Taliban hoping to accomplish here?

We thought this was happening!

We thought the nightmare had ended in at least one country!

Are the Taliban really going to just let women boss them around?

There is only one place this goes.

You have to control women, or they will control everything – and then use that control to destroy it all. Women destroy EVERYTHING!

(Sidenote: Anyone who uses the word “sexist” to describe another person or person’s opinions, is merely a gatekeeper of facts and reality. They are in the business of concealing biological facts and curtailing the freedom of speech surrounding these biological facts. Calling someone “sexist” is another shaming tool used by women and feminized men, to censor those who are not brainwashed into the Feminine doctrines of the gynotopia, which demands that we all, like women, ignore reality).