The Feds are against Comrade Biden’s mandatory vaccination orders for federal employees. Or, so they would like us to believe. For the time being, this is not a drill.

So, get this: the Federal Government is pushing back against the Federal Government. A lot of antsy glowniggers.

Here’s my take: They are literally just using the vax mandate as leverage in future bargaining agreements. As I mentioned here, in this article, that “…this is just the “big ask”, to see how governors and other state officials react. This will be done to coax them into a smaller, yet sinister, “not as bad”, acceptable alternatives.”

I won’t hold my breath for a second, but this is just my take and of course, things could take a turn for there being a plan to further cripple the American economy by destroying thousands of federal jobs. Nonetheless, something’s amiss.

Imagine having faith in the Supreme Court.

It’s either these governors are dumb, didn’t get the memo, or this is the greatest psyop played on the American people, but they don’t seem to get that America fell on January 6th and we are literally in a Communist dictatorship. Top-down Federalism had failed and is no more. Albeit, governors are vocalizing what they are supposed to do to protect the rights and sovereignty of the people against a tyrannical government; this is exactly what another “Trust The Plan”, bystander effect, psyop would look like. It is designed to placate the citizenry into believing that someone is going to do things on their behalf, so they, the citizens, wouldn’t have to.

The truth is, if we are to see ourselves through all of this, we the people must supplant Federal and state governments. Don’t think for a moment that we got this far by state representatives being defiant. No, we got here, because they were all too compliant with the virus hoax and the ridiculous mask mandates.

There are several solutions to all this insanity; to all this dysfunctional, “representative” bullshit — anarchy and secession.

Government has always been the problem.