This moronic, zombie, skin puppet is just giving us the words from his puppeteers, but pay attention to the words, “collective”, “core tenets of the international system” and “borderless climate crisis”.

It is just as I’ve warned about. Global Communism under the false pretexts of the fake pandemic and “climate change”.

When did people start leaving Mexico, Africa, or the Middle East, because of the climate and not economics? This is the next bullshit narrative that hasn’t went fully mainstream yet, but it will. It will, friends.

Climate change was too slow of a change for them to implement policy, via fear. The virus hoax works great in that regard.

They are trying really fucking hard to offramp the plandemic panic onto the climate crisis, NWO fast track, but I don’t think they understand what kind of pandora’s box they opened with COVID.

Humans are “evolutionarily” hardwired to hyperfocus on diseases and perceived uncleanliness. We are also hardwired to trust our gut instincts about things that appear to not add up and be suspicious. It is how we’ve evolved and survived this long. Yet, the mainstream media and TPTB, attempt to shame us for yielding to this necessary mechanism in our brains, by referring to us as “conspiracy theorists”.

The global warming shadow puppets just aren’t interesting enough, but they are going to try harder and harder to convince us that it is a real threat, as I’ve warned.

Expect “climate change” false flags.