Yes, this is an old video, but I never got a chance to discuss it. I think. I can’t remember if I did or didn’t. Nonetheless, there’s a point to me made here.

If the above video were any more staged and over-acted it could be a daytime soap opera.

If ever you wanted to see what playing both sides looks like, for the normie retards, then there it is.

This is why I just can’t watch TV anymore, in any capacity. How do people actually buy this shit?

What most fail to comprehend and even grasp, in any remote capacity, is the fact that alternative media is just as fake and controlled as mainstream media. Here’s an example.

The same goes for the hype around Nicki Minaj.

Most of these men are so dumb, dull and feminized that they cannot recognize a psyop or a distraction when it truly matters. They cannot recognize a Feminine larp and grift.

Listen up, folks. Women are always going to use any opportunity to market themselves towards the goal of garnering more attention.

Those who control the mainstream media and alternative media (Jews), understand how useful femininity is in destroying anything and everything.

Unit 8200, the Hasbara fucks and the Mossad agents who lurk on ALL social media platforms, such as Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, Picochan and many others, are the ones who are creating these memes and controlling the narratives. Yet, many an idiot are falling for their tactics.

They know their tactics will be successful, because Americans are feminized, buffoons, hooked on personality cults.

The ranting and raving about Nicki Minaj’s supposedly organic criticisms of the vaccines and the media, by truthers, white advocate groups and many others deemed to be “far right” by the mainstream media, is no different to how women fixate and obsess over a boy band or celebrity.

This current psyop with Nicki Minaj is so effective, that I just have to sit back and say, “Wow!” Slow-clap and the whole nine.

This is the biggest distraction, thus far, for the month of September and like I’ve told you guys before, the shit is only just now getting started. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

That infrastructure bill is going to be a very big deal and while we consume ourselves with Nicki Minaj and her shenanigans, the walls are closing in all around us and the sky is falling.

My advice: what we need to be focused on and very afraid of are the things not being discussed and highlighted in the media. Both mainstream and alternative. Pretty much, all things the Nicki Minajs of the world distracts us from, we need to be weary of.

For instance, Biden’s essentially open borders and the proposed amnesty bill hidden inside the “infrastructure bill”, is already exploding housing costs — in particular, on the low-income end — will only get much worse, according to experts.

Inflation, inflation, inflation.

The Inflation Storm:

The Fed has admitted that its official inflation measures do not accurately predict future inflation. The Fed admitted that FOOD prices are a much better predictor of future inflation. In fact, food prices were a better predictor of inflation than the Fed’s PCE, non-durables goods, transportation services, housing, clothing, energy and more.

Adjusted for inflation and annualized, [food] costs are already higher now than for almost anytime in the past six decades, according to FAO data. “Indeed, it’s now harder to afford food than it was during the 2011 protests in the Middle East that led to the overthrow of leaders in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt”, said Alastair Smith, senior teaching fellow in global sustainable development at Warwick University in the U.K.

For those of you who still don’t comprehend what is going on: Global Communism is taking over our lives and the entire planet.

So, you just sit there thinking Nicki Minaj is an “Aryan Queen” (that is a real quote), that is organically opposed to the vaccines, just so you won’t have to do anything about anything, because some celebrity personality is saying some shit you like on Twatter. You’ll be very sorry when that Infrastructure Bill rolls around. It is a $3.5Tn dollar budget resolution focused on tackling issues such as “health care”, child care and “climate change”.

If enacted, this plan will be the biggest and boldest government and welfare expansion in US history.

This is a tactic of the mainstream news and alternative media – to fill people’s brains with meaningless drivel so that they don’t have room for the important stuff.