Right here on the Specular Effect, the number one brand in honesty, many Australians were warned: Women will and can only fag your operation and efforts.

Having women among you is the worst thing you can ever do in this fight against tyranny. Why? Because the very tyranny you are resisting, is itself Feminine.

All of this covid 19 hoax and vaccine push is Feminine hysteria born out of the need to stay “safe” and protected from all dangers. You see, nothing bad must ever happen to women and whomever and whatever women deem to be “concerned” about. We are witnessing the abuse and misuse of emergency ethics that always occurs when women are involved.

In addition to all of this, we must never forget that the entire west is extremely feminized. Someone asked me what is the culture of white westerners, the other day. This was easy for me to answer, of course. The answer is, GYNOCENTRISM. Female worship.

I also wrote in a few articles addressing Australians, warning them that their government is not afraid of them, neither are they unprepared to deal with a backlash from the people. I explained that the cops who are your brothers, uncles, fathers, sons and nephews, aren’t and can no longer be seen as such, because they are on the side of tyranny.

Here are the red pills; like them or not:

Tyranny is FEMININE. The police officers who are siding with government tyranny are feminized men who are proxy violence tools used to defend the gynotopia. This is nothing new. For thousands of years, it was the simp, mangina, white knight types who went to war to “defend the nation” and so on. Contrary to what you may think — that it was masculine men — it was the simps, who were coaxed and cajoled into fighting for access to women and vagina. This is why the institution of marriage was invented — to allow each man access to one female, for as nature would have it, it was only the top 2% of males who had these harems. This couldn’t and wouldn’t incentivize any man to give his life up in battle; had he nothing to die for.

The catch 22 herein is that the people who are resisting the tyranny (as they should), are doing so for the same Feminine causes. “Muh wife and keeeiiidz”. Sounds honorable and the very thing tradcon, mangina, white knights (14 words morons) promulgate as their guiding motivations. The problem with this is that it is very circular. It is WOMEN and mangina men who are causing it all, yet these simp morons can’t see it.

The whole hippy, “peaceful resistance” bit is fucking gay! It is Feminine bullshit that only serves to pussify masculinity.

All of it will amount to nothing fruitful, yet it is being amped up in the alternative media as “a great uprising” and “resistance”.

The truth is, this is all designed to give hope, so that no true efforts of resistance will and could ever foment.

Take a minute to think about how many of those people are actually paid to be out there. There is infinite gil — infinite shekels — behind this pandemic hoax and the vaccine push and pushback.

Were any of this organic and a true masculine effort, more cops would be laid out. There would be rope!

The entire internet is going ape shit over this one particular video:

While this is a great reminder to many, that the cops are still only human, this isn’t a victory. The reality is, the cops are still operational and all of this is just an opportunity for folks to just chimp out. And we cannot forget to ask, how many of these people are paid to be out there.

It may be a victory for that particular individual, but not much has come of this, if anything at all, though, to be fair, many do have a good reason for celebration. I just don’t think their chimp out is immense, enough.

Then, we must, again, question how many of them are being paid to “demonstrate” and chimp out.

Fucking hippy faggots talking about “peaceful resistance”. Guess who gave them the language. WOMEN. Co-opted by same feminized, tyrannical government.

Peaceful Resistance = Quiet Submission.

It is a bio-psycho-sexual construct of women that “sounds nice”. It is essentially a woman saying, “No, no”, while sticking her ass out for it. Wanting to be convinced and persuaded, even forced into the act and into submission. Then she becomes a victim. A perpetual victim.

All of what is going on in Australia will amount to absolutely nothing, but more tyranny, simply because masculinity is dormant. As long as men continue to make women their motivations and involve women in their efforts, nothing fruitful will come of this.