Take the vax; ask questions later.

Were you to show this to friends and family members who got the jab, they would respond to you in the most bizarre way.

“Okay, I’m a fucking idiot. I know. Please, I don’t need any reminders.” Then the long infinite stare into the emptiness of space.

I know, because I’ve tried it several times on several people.

I asked, “You got the vax? Do you know what’s in it? Then why did you get it?”

Their body language says, “Okay, you got me. I feel like a retard.”

I leave it at that. I don’t push any further, because some of them may get violent. I leave them with enough to reflect on.

Then there are things like that report, which sees them responding in the most regretful manner.

“I didn’t want to get it, but I had to do it for my job. How else will I be able I pay my bills?” It is so sad, but true. I feel terrible for them. I really do. What the authorities are doing is pure evil.

Other responses are, “Is it too late?” and “Oh well, it’s too late.”

I’m holding out and you should, too. When the Red Deer events become more and more common, you’ll be grateful that you did.