I’ll say it again: Women are dumb, destructive, solipsistic, retarded creatures that cannot process information and know absolutely nothing about anything, at all!

This is what happened yesterday, with regards to our “greatest and most trusted ally, Israel”.

$1Bn to Jews. $0.00 for Americucks. I wonder what the people facing evictions and who are out of jobs, make of this malarkey. A billion for Israel and no social security checks for you next month.

The Donald Approves

I know what some of you are thinking: “Holy shit! I thought “Israel is our greatest ally!” was a meme.

It’s time you get with the program, goy. It doesn’t matter who, or what party is voted in. Both sides make sure to give billions to Israel, either way.

The Christcucked Republicans/Conservatives/Neoconservatives on the Right, are no different. They’re actually worse. Thanks Christcucks! I look forward to hunting you all in the collapse!

So, naturally, AOC learned who her masters are and supposedly broke down in tears. What a fake bitch. At least have the courage of your convictions, you buck-toothed whore.

The other hairy, monstrous looking cunt, though, Rashida Tlaib, opened her ugly face to give the most common and lowest-hanging fruit talking points on Israel. You can tell she’s hormonally imbalanced, or whatever it’s called. Her sexual organs don’t work right. Just look at her.

You know; the common, boring, old, yet quite truthful tropes about Israel being an apartheid state and all the other BDS movement talking points; she’s laid them all out.

The Thing clashes with two Jews in proximity — Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and Rep. Deutch.

Deutch, without hesitation, refers to her statements on Israel as “antisemitic”.

Fleischmann said everything Deutch says, including 6 gazillion.

I can’t roll my eyes in the back of my head any further. It’ll give me a migraine for weeks. It is all so pathetic and orchestrated. I’m trying to remember what is so different about Republicans.

Many of you would swiftly be inclined to support and agree with Rashida Tlaib. After all, what she’s saying isn’t incorrect, but what if I told you that she serves a much more sinister role and purpose.

Remember, and you must never forget that, women are completely fucking stupid and their retardation can and is always weaponized to destroy societies and nations.

Take a look at this ugly cunt:

This evil, ugly, hairy bitch, wants kids in Michigan to be masked, wants more covid restrictions and wants everyone to take the vaccine while she parties. This hypocritical she-man, wants your kids muzzled forever, while it goes to private parties without masks.

This sasquatch also has more allegiance to Palestine than she does to America. Why doesn’t she go back to her country and fight for it? We don’t want her here, she doesn’t share our values and she enforces covid tyranny on our people.

But that’s not all!

During an interview, Tlaib called for the complete dismantling of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, and Customs and Border Protection, leaving our borders completely open and national security compromised.

Who pushes open borders for America? Who pushes mass immigration? No, no, no. Besides women. Who does this all serve? Jews!!! ISRAEL!!!

While this bitch wants open borders for her third world, low IQ brothers and sisters to invade our country, she is either wilfully or inadvertently serving the Jewish, Israeli “Greater Israel Project”, whereby millions of Palestinians will be flooding our borders and inadvertently leaving their land up for Israelis to take over.

Get it, now? You have to give it to the rats, man. They really are clever. Or, is it as I’ve always said: Women are incredibly fucking stupid and they destroy societies. This is why she and the rest of the cunts are given these positions in public life, because they are useful idiots.

Literally, what went on in Congress, yesterday was typical WWE style tactics. “The Squad” are nothing more than HEEL characters designed to make funding Israel, look good and legitimate. Don’t look here, look over there. The “antisemitism” is necessary! Jews thrive on it!

To these fucks — especially women — America is just and idea and ideas don’t need borders or a military. Israel on the other hand is a special chosen place for God’s super special, chosen people .

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the rest of “The Squad” are supported by the same people who fund the BDS and Anti-BDS movements — Jews. Specifically, George Soros.

Yes, Jews fund both the BDS and Anti-BDS movements.

True red-blooded Americans are up in arms about this. They are totally fucking pissed! Unfortunately, they’re the ones we saw on January 6th, who are totally feminized and cucked and refuse to look at the fact that it is women (White Women) who are destroying the white race.

Then you have a large percentage of Americans who are furious, but can’t do anything about it, because “they have families to provide for”. This all amounts to the same cuckery as the first set of Americans; feminized and soy poisoned little faggots. There won’t be any “families to provide for” if they don’t do something about all of this that’s befalling them — if they don’t put that white cunt back in her place and tell her to shut the fuck up, or she gets the belt across her fucking whore face. How do you think Rashida Tlaib got into congress? We must give thanks to the white cunt skank and thank the feminized, mangina, pussy-begging Tradcon, Christcucked white men.

Finally you have the golem majority that either don’t care and would rather watch football and eat McDonalds, or have the audacity to support all of this shit. Guess what? They’re feminized, too!

They’ll be the first ones to pat and rub the enlarged backs of their overweight, PTA mommy cunt wives, who get up in front of the school board to give them “a piece of her mind”.

Who the fuck do you think elected and supports these narcissistic, egomaniacal shit bags? The same white cunt, who refuses to keep her ass at home, home school her children, make breakfasts, lunches and dinners for her family and keep her stupid ass off the internet, that’s who. Instead, she rather be a “career woman” and work for strangers in some company while the government “edu-macates” her children.

That’s the cunt who’s responsible for all of this shit!

It is high time we started beating these women. Put them back in their cages and the entire world would recover in about a month’s time.