I stand with Brian Laundrie.

I warn you men, CONSTANTLY!

I warn white men, over and over and over about the white cuntbag, whore.

The police officers are the biggest white knight, mangina simps, who will posture and try to one-up the guy they’re interrogating.

She’s forever the victim, despite the fact that she was abusing him — violently assaulting him — while he was behind the wheel of a car, driving!

Still, Brian continues to be the nice guy and not throw the dumb whore cunt under the bus.

She’s dead. She’s dead and I couldn’t be any fucking happier. I just hope Brian didn’t do it and I’m sorry I couldn’t get through to him before all of this went down. I’m sorry he didn’t get a chance to grace the archives of the number one brand in honesty — The Specular Effect — when it comes to discussing the reality of women.

I stand with you, pal. You have my utmost support, despite the fact that the simp, faggot cops are hunting you down.

You gotta love the smell of simpin’ in the morning. Smells like victory.

This is why the white race is perishing, because it is totally feminized and gynocentric.

Gaby Petito was going to end up a race traitor, mudshark anyway.

Then there’s the mystery behind Rose Davis’ involvement. Another whore whom Brian may have been having an affair with.

Oh, I wish I had a few minutes to speak with Brian. To let him know that the juice is not worth the squeeze.