If you have not been paying close attention, lately, don’t worry, I have. I got your backs.

Things have hastened up quite a lot, lately, over these past few weeks. We knew this would happen, because we’re all tapped in, over here and can see what is unfurling before our very eyes.

Yeah, that’s no joke, but still, there are idiots out there talking about how this is how a parallel military is created.

Uh, no. You poor, mindless saps.

Biden is seeking Dishonorable Discharges for a reason. He is disarming the resistance during the military purge. Republicans are opposing it, but I’m sure it is for other reasons than the one I just cited.

Don’t worry, though. This is all just temporary.

Just like when they said the Federal Income Tax was temporary.

Just like when they said the Patriot Act was temporary.

Now, they’re introducing vaccine passports and telling us that it’s all just temporary.

Nothing has been more permanent than temporary government programs and bullshit.

Tucker Carlson had an interesting take on it all.

Then this happened:

Granted this still has to pass through the Senate, but if it passed with such little resistance in the House, you can bet your ass it will pass in the Senate as well.

Chances are, if your representative is a Republican, your representative voted “YEA” for this shit.

We are done for.