Nobody wants to talk about what’s really going on and many in the healthcare profession keep their mouths shut, in order to keep their jobs. Can’t really blame them, or can you?

Here’s the deal. People are so desperate just to live a shitty existence, that they will allow the elites to ruin their lives just so that they can feel like they cared more than someone else and that they did “the right thing”. Even if that “right thing” harms them or ruins their own lives. We are living a real life, literal Asch Conformity Experiment, but it gets worse.

If you imagine you are helping yourself or helping others, you can be forced to do horrendous things to people, because you feel justified and right. Feeling good about being a life-destroying-loser, is about all that has become of Americans and practically, the entire world. Many have lost their souls, ages ago. They no longer believe in anything, but money and mindless, self-indulgent, hedonistic pleasures and their illnesses and diseases reflect that fact. This is because we are living in a real life Stanford Prisoner Experiment.

Combine these two and you are way ahead of the class, when it comes to comprehending the insanity surrounding this covid hoax and the vaxx push.

I’ve conducted my own experiments, too, by just conversing with others about what’s going on. More like, just asking questions and listening to the shit they say.

Here are the examples, below.

From a boomer: “This is just like when the polio vaccine came out. It was mandatory and my dad was very upset as well.”

From another self proclaimed Christian boomer: “It can’t be the mark of the beast, because it doesn’t have a unique ID.”

From a millennial, former coworker: “It just seems like it’s going to keep going, so I just got it, so I can be done with it.”

That was before the first booster shot.

From online critics of this blog: “Its not possible that there is a conspiracy against the people.”

From a Gen X “business owner”: “I am vaccine-hesitant and think it’s all a sham, but if I need it for travel, I guess I will have to get it.”

Another Gen Xer: “It’s for safety.”

Millennial hottie at the gadget store: “Well, they offered me higher pay, so it works out for me both ways, in the end.”

My favorite so far has been, “I took it so I can travel”. Yet this person goes somewhere once in a year.

I tell you; these NPCs are top of the retard heap, and when I point out that he’s not going anywhere this year, he shuts down for a moment.

“The vaccine is safe and effective. Plus its FREE! There is no reason not to get it.”

Now, that last one has been circulating throughout the airwaves, all over social media.

“You know who was against vaccine mandates? Hitler.” This one comes from retards who try associate anything bad with the mustache man. They just lack imagination and just come up with dumb shit, on thy fly, just to sound clever.

You’ve made it this far, so, here’s a treat, for your autistic consideration:

Contains many vaccine reaction photos.

Videos and diverse content on vaccines.

Contains many videos on vaccine reactions.

Varied content on covid flu.

Varied content on the scamdemic.

Oh, then there’s this one: “Vaccines cured measles and smallpox.” Yeah, which pharmaceutical company bankrolled these vaccines? Besides, these were real, actual vaccines. Not some experimental, gene alerting juice.

Vaxxtards brains, when the Prions start hitting right.

“Why can’t you just go with the flow and be like everyone else?” That one is from my mom. I am so ashamed.

“You don’t want to get sick. Get the vax.” From my dad. He spent about 10-15 minutes lecturing me on this when I haven’t talked to him for a few months. He is more interested in pushing the propaganda. Just turned 77 years old. Go figure.

Some of you may probably have a sister or a brother who doesn’t want you over, because they think you’ll be a risk to them. They’ll be fully vaccinated, mind you. Which is supposed to protect them. Yes, even your own siblings are retards.

“Don’t you care about the people in the hospital? It’s all unvaccinated people in the ICU according to Dr Deena Hinshaw.” From a fellow New Yorker.

“Don’t you believe in science?” From another New Yorker.

“My job told me if I take it I won’t have to wear a mask.” The new and improved version: “My job requires the vaxx.”

Getting your first dose is defined as unvaccinated, because it doesn’t take full effect until two weeks after the second dose.
If you “get covid” after your first dose of the vax, they count it as you being “unvaccinated”.

A friend and I had a long circular argument where I kept asking her, why she was worried about the unvaxxed, if she had gotten the vaccine and thought it worked. She literally couldn’t connect the two ideas. It was surreal.

At many businesses, employers are like, “if you’re fully vaccinated you can take off your masks”. Then two weeks later, they’re like, “masks are mandatory again”. Now it’s “everyone has to be vaccinated” and “masks are mandatory”.

“Bro, it’s safe and effective.”

I can only imagine the stupidity of the person who said, “the passport will give us freedom”.

“The Sooner We Do This The Sooner We Can All Get Back To Normal™”, says the masked man waiting in line for third booster shot.

“I got it, because I dont want to be responsible for infecting others.”

By the way, immigrants are just as mentally off base, as well. They are in a sense, joining up to learn how to degenerate themselves like good Americans do and just destroying themselves as well, for money and “science”.

It is just so alarming and sad, all at the same time.

Nevertheless, we must always remember that, if a vaccinated person dies of covid, it’s okay, because without the vax, they would be more dead.