Double standards and being a duplicitous cunt is just what women do and they do it constantly and they do it well. This is the Feminine hive-mind that governs and controls our societies.

Judge Jeannine Piro says that police officers should have arrested Brian Laundrie.

See, this is why women DO NOT BELONG IN PUBLIC LIFE! They are judges, lawyers, law enforcement and all manners of leading roles in society that require one to be rational, logical and objective — everything women are not!

She goes on to say that witnesses said that they saw Brian slapping Gabby. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I watched the traffic stop footage. The whole one hour and a half of it; no where in there is there any mention of Brian being the aggressor. On the contrary, it was found that Gabby, the dirty whore, was the aggressor.

(These are the pictures of Gabby circulating. I don’t know if they are indeed her. They do look like her, then sometimes they do not. Grain of salt here folks).

Such a nice girl.

I think the cops are to be blamed for the whore’s death, if indeed Brian did kill her, because she was supposed to have been arrested for violently attacking Brian while he was driving. Even if he didn’t kill her, they are still to blame.

This is what no one — NO WOMAN, nor Man — wants to confront and admit. None of these people want to accept the fact that equal rights demand equal lefts and that society is totally complicit in creating the atmosphere whereby women can act violently against men with impunity. They fuck around and find out. Gabby may have found out.

Let’s be real, Gabby “the violent whoring cunt” Petito, was not arrested, because she was a woman. Had Brian been the aggressor, he would have been under the jail, right now; shamed, ridiculed and his entire life destroyed. The mangina police officers did everything within their powers to find a reason not to arrest her, because she’s a woman who played the crying, helpless victim role. Why did they fall for it? Simply because they think it makes them more masculine and valiant. It is just their mating strategy. Weak, pathetic and moronic. They were trying to one-up Brian the entire time and unfortunately for them, Brian was innocent and the victim, so they had to come up with something else that would still make them appear to be macho and “fair”.

Now the whore is dead, because they failed to be objective and mete out justice and Brian is going feel the wrath of the white knight, mangina tradcon, white American male. The same men who are losing the current race war, because of their lack of objectivity and inability to heel the white bitch. As a result, Brian’s life will be infinitely destroyed on many levels and he will become a pariah.

As a matter of fact, it is going to happen to him anyway, because in this gynotopic hell hole we live in, justice is never meted out to women and misandry is commonplace. The man is always wrong and guilty of the original sin of being a man. He’s white, too, so that’s just a delicious combination.

If you wish to cash in on being a simp, there’s a $120,000 dollar reward, for any tips that would lead to Brian’s arrest. Go ahead, faggot.

Hey, don’t be fooled — this same double standard and hypocrisy is exactly what is behind all of the social ills in our western societies. This is because, again, our societies are FEMINIZED!

Remember, NOTHING has to make sense and it seldom will, if ever at all.

My personal theory is that COVID-19 killed Gabby and Brian is self-isolating to prevent spreading covid. As we know, Gabby was unfortunately an anti-vaxxer. I suspect that she started showing covid symptoms in the woods and died before Brian could get her to the hospital. Knowing that being exposed to covid makes him a likely carrier, Brian has been selflessly isolating himself to prevent spreading covid, during the search and rescue. Since he will be arrested on sight, he can’t go get the test and has to wait 2 more weeks.

I also heard Gabby kept trying to force Brian to eat ivermectin and as a good citizen, Brian sternly said, no.

Actually, it is kind of interesting how this went viral. Does it have to do with the fact that Gaby is attractive? It has everything to do with it, but nobody will admit it.

So Trad

“She’s pretty” and that’s all that matters to morons out there, so much that they will even invent things just to justify or conceal the fact that she was a violent, autistic cunt. The white knight, Tradcon manginas cannot comprehend that this will only work against them, in the end. Women are women. They are dumb, narcissistic, solipsistic, retards incapable of introspection, so…

This story is getting pushed by men who despise feminists — women who love to LARP as victims. At least, I would like to think so, but I know better. It is being pushed by people who want to see the end of the white race, by demonizing white men and creating an air of legitimacy for white women to be fearful of white men, thereby justifying their whoring and mudsharking.

The media is also trying to avoid talking about Rose, her shady, degenerate, druggie friend and how both she and Gabby are the stereotypical party-girls — whores who played dumb games and won even dumber prizes.

The ‘rents. Mom and STEPDAD

Oh well, what can I say? One less trashy Instagram slut ruining society. I just wish I had gotten through to him first, to let him know that killing the whore is a waste of time, energy and life. That his life is infinitely worth more than hers and any group of whores, put together. That’s if he did indeed kill her, of course.

In the end, this could all be another false flag, psyop kind of deal. All to distract from the latest Biden fuck ups, or Ghislaine Maxwell, or the vaxx insanity that’s being rolled out across the nation.

Brian probably may have fed himself to the alligators down there in Florida, or made his way to Tel Aviv, by now.

Because he is a psychopath serial killer. He’s been living in a van (on the run) for 6 months. He knows how to live off the grid. Gabby may be his first kill, but she won’t be his last.