So, this happened:

OH NO NO NO! You thought this was a game you could win? You thought women gave a fuck about logic reason, justice and freedom? You are fired! Get the jab or lose your job and get no unemployment benefits, because you’re “not being nice”.

They (the unvaxxed) are literally killing people by rejecting the vaccine (which is backed by science).

There’s blood on the hands of every anti-vaxxer; they don’t deserve a job.

Don’t worry, bro. The Right is going to fight back. They’re going down-vote this tweet and that will show them!

How’s the psyop to scare these healthcare workers into submission going? Well, there’s absolutely no way to be certain, because there have been no new reports on it to legitimize and perpetuate the psyop, at the time of writing this. Well, none that are truly attention-grabbing.

There’s this:

The question now is, who is going to replace her? National Guard? Is the National Guard some sort of universal group of geniuses who can replace any job?

Most people suggest that others don’t realize that every single one of these folks fired, can just move to a red state and start working again. While this may be true under normal circumstances, there is absolutely nothing normal about what’s going on on the planet with regards to this pestilence hoax and red states are sure to follow suit. I’m almost certain of it. As a matter of fact, healthcare workers in red states already have to take their jabs like nice little cattle to keep their jobs.

Shit is about to get much worse!

In case you have not sussed and reasoned this one out: the same people who supposedly “cared for” those hit with the hoax flu for 2 years, are now supposedly being fired for refusing the elixir that is supposed to alleviate and prevent others from getting sick. This would therefore, relieve the stress and workload of these healthcare workers who were so knee deep in covid victims for 2 years (all dancing idiots (women and feminized men), but the elixir doesn’t seem to work and covid cases are on the rise despite people having taken the elixir, even though people who have taken the elixir are still getting the hoax flu and those who have not, are being blamed for spreading the hoax flu to those who have taken the elixir, even though the elixir is supposed to prevent them from those who have not taken the elixir.

It is obviously a psyop — more Asch Conformity and Stanford Prisoner Experiment tier, stuff.

I don’t want to hear any fucking crying about how understaffed or beyond capacity they are, because it is obvious that these fucks aren’t concerned about any emergency of any type that require staff.

That’s because there is no pandemic!

All of this is an excuse to move the National Guard around the state without people asking too many questions. NYC is under Martial Law! Get It?

Someone should ask if the National Guard also needs to be vaccinated, but that won’t happen, because the experiments have been quite successful on majority of New Yorkers. Yet, that’s not the point; forced compliance and instituting authoritarian control is what’s concerning. THE predominance of The Feminine hive-mind — STUPIDITY, INSANITY, DOUBLE STANDARDS, MINDLESSNESS, DICHOTOMY and DUPLICITOUS RETARDATION.

Just like firing the Chicago public school bus drivers and then giving the students money to take ubers, driven by unvaccinated drivers. Just like forcing people to be vaccinated to eat in a NYC restaurant, but not to go into the NYC subway (the most crowded place in the city). If you still think any of these measures are about public health and a virus, you are clinically retarded. If you can’t see that ALL of this is Feminine/Feminine hysteria — retardation — then you might as well get vaxxed.

We have been plunged into a Feminine nightmarish and hellish reality.

If they can get the National Guard to do shit instead of nurses, why are they larping that they can’t provide extra beds for hospitalizations, which is mainly the reason to prevent lockdowns and use vaccines, as they claim?

Yeah, whatever. You and I are just thinking too much. We should just avoid brain-hurt from thinking and just go along to get along — be nice. What could possibly go wrong?

I know several people in the National Guard and they are the dumbest slowest, barely functional retards I have ever met. God help you if a member of the National Guard is put in a position of power or authority over you.