To date, if you are still being called a conspiracy theorist by normie-tards, or you’ve been out of the loop for a few days with regards to what has been taking place with the anti-pestilence elixir, or maybe you were bedazzled for a few minutes by the propaganda on CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the legacy media and have found yourself, perhaps, doubting your convictions; allow me this opportunity to remind you of our reality.

I’ll get straight to the point:

You are not a conspiracy theorist. They are! It’s the mainstream media. It’s political appointees in the CDC and elsewhere. They are all stringing together any and every disparate factoid they can use to prove the vaccines are safe and effective, like a kook would try to prove his alien abduction.

They are going to extreme and alarming lengths to prove that hospitals being overwhelmed and collapsing is from covid cases and not from the clear mismanagement, lies and coercion which are now all historical facts and data.

We here, are aware of the fact that most vaccines go through years of testing and that many of them fail the testing and never reach the market, because that testing phase demonstrated that they cause harm to people.

The big problem people have with this coronavirus “vaccine” is that it is a largely untested “vaccine”. The FDA is excusing the coronavirus “vaccines” rush to market after less than a year of testing, by saying the mRNA technology is already well tested, so they don’t have to put it through as long of a testing period as all other vaccines created in the past.

This haphazard approach to releasing a new vaccine is why people are against taking it, coupled with the fact that they are being forced to take it. The notion that people who don’t want the coronavirus “vaccine” are anti-vax for all vaccines, is pushed entirely by the media and politicians. There is something way more sinister afoot and we must never lose sight of what’s really going on.

First off, the vaccines are not safe. They aren’t even vaccines. They changed the definition of vaccine so that they could call it one.

What intelligent people want is solid and complete safety studies, showing the absolute risks of covid with and without the vaxx and of the vaxx itself. What we want is the healthcare system to acknowledge the many, many promising safe and early treatment options that have been suppressed in order to push the vaxx EUA. (Also, a review of the vaxpass, which is a pathetic excuse for a public health measure.)

Here is actual science in a peer-reviewed, high impact journal article. It utterly destroys the concept that we should be vaccinating children against covid with the vaccines we have today.

Here is some layman-friendly commentary on that article if you’re interested.

That aside, it certainly has been proven and continues to be proven that the vax is unnecessary in a large majority of age groups.

It has certainly been proven the mRNA tech being offered, has many alarming and terrible adverse side affects.

It has certainly been proven that the push to vaccinate billions across the globe is big business.

It has certainly been proven that the push for planetary vaccinations can be and has been used as a mechanism for population control.

It has certainly been proven that covid-19 has had a minimal effect on adjusted global mortality statistics, especially taking into account lockdown related complications. It is also unknown, but clear that economic stressors are in themselves accountable for a multitude of health conditions including death.

Any shills, be they big pharma, governmental, healthcare, marketing employees, doctors or other interested parties willing to unpack and reply with counter evidence to each of these statements will be heard.

I doubt any of them are willing to put their careers and reputations on the line by debating these facts with me or any other person who is well knowledgeable about the insanity that is taking place.

Personally, I just want others to know that there are so many paid for personalities in the media and alt-media (on the internet and socal media platforms), who are playing both sides of the fence — controlling both sides of the ongoing narrative of the covid hoax and the push for and against mandatory vaccines.

They are pushing this shit when they know each perspective only causes blowback. This is because they want us divided and literally at each other’s throats and their stratagem is working very well.

I shouldn’t have to point this out, but mostly women are at the fore for and against. When you see this, you should automatically know and comprehend that it is a complete and total psyop, for women are merely controlled opposition agents of chaos trained to spread propaganda on both sides of the debate.

Evil, disgusting cunt

This is true for all those women you see on social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok etc. — who are posting their “experiences”, which majority are hyperbolic larps and grifts geared towards these women marketing themselves in order to garner attention, under the guise of bringing something extremely important and concerning to us all. The end results are always chaos and a convolution and destruction of any prevailing commonsense approach.

Of course as with anything, there are minor exceptions.

My advice to all of you, as a result of long hours and days of observing and studying what’s going on and how all of this is being pushed is: STOP LISTENING AND PAYING ATTENTION TO WOMEN.

These are the same cunts who went from BIG PHARMA BAD to BIG PHARMA GOOD, in less than a year. The same way they went from Covid 19 being a major concern, to not taking the vax being the main concern, when covid is and was never was a concern. The conversation has now become diluted.