Women are pretty fucking dumb, but this one truly takes the cake this week.

Yeah, Liberalism is a mental disorder, but it is a Feminine construct and being a woman itself, is a mental disorder.

This is why they want higher minimum wages and higher taxes, because they’re too dumb to understand how they’ll affect prices. Being this incompetent when you’re a politician deciding the future of your country should be illegal and punishable by prison time.

Women understand absolutely nothing about anything. They know even less than nothing. They don’t understand basic economics. They think Capitalism is evil, because it is solely a profit system and not profit and loss system and losses are of equal importance to profits.

Just read Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell and you’ll truly understand the total and absolute fucking mess letting women in public life has wrought. As a matter of fact, just read anything by Thomas Sowell and you’ll probably gain like 5 to 10 IQ points, easy. For women, I’m not so sure. The Niceness Doctrine overrides all possibilities of growth.